Letters - October 28, 2016

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The best way to stop litter is to pick it up

While I applaud the idea of a clean town, there are far too few street cleaners in Blackpool, so instead the council now operates a fixed fine method? Is this yet another cash cow?

However, my issue is with the most overgrown paths and pavements and streetlights/telegraph poles I have ever seen, not in the central area which the council is trying to improve, but around the Marton area. There are pathways that are used often, obviously, yet there are weeds, grass, dog dirt, all happily growing away, while gardens overflow on to the streets. I have taken photos, as I was so appalled at this lack of care.

Is it now up to the owners of these houses to remove said weeds from the pavement, and what about the weeds growing around the telegraph poles?

Action needs taking in our residential areas as well as the areas the councillors see.

Concerned Blackpool Resident

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We will no longer be free and united folk

I cannot say for sure if fracking is a good and useful thing, or if it is a world-shattering harm.

But harm has already been done. When national government even just attempts to override local, we all lose in the fight for mankind’s evolution into a free and united people.

There should have been no interference in local decisions: decisions can be changed if evidence suggests they should be or could be. It might help if all relevant information was available and comprehensible. I wonder if it ever is.

I hope fracking never takes place, since I have little confidence in overly powerful people, but I also hope everything turns out for the best.

E Norton

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Be humane with unwelcome guests

As winter approaches, wild animals are more likely to seek warmth and shelter inside our homes.

Some of these, such as rats and mice, are often viewed as unwelcome visitors. But please try to remember that these animals are just as sensitive and liable to suffer as the cats and dogs with whom we choose to share our homes.

These unwelcome guests should be humanely deterred from visiting – not subjected to the appalling cruelty of traps and poisons.

Animal Aid provides free information on how to stop these animals from taking up residence without harming them, and how to encourage them to leave if they have already arrived.

We have information available on rats and mice, birds, squirrels, foxes and moles. To order our free Humane Deterrence factsheets, please email info@animalaid.org.uk or telephone 01732 364 546.

Isobel Hutchinson


Animal Aid


I was confused until the cat had kittens

Reading Aasma Day’s page on gender confusion (That’ll Be The Day, Gazette, October 26) reminded me of an old joke when someone asked what the cat was called.

When I replied “Ben Hur”, they said it was an unusual name for a cat. I explained that it was simply BEN, until it had kittens.

Malcolm Boyce

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No to Heathrow, 
yes to Blackpool

After the recent announcement, I would like to say NO to an additional runway at Heathrow, but YES to a runway at Blackpool.

It would be much cheaper too.

Charlie Telfer

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He didn’t seem to be very Christian to me

I was coming out of a shopping centre recently and was accosted by one of these ‘born- again (so-called) Christians’.

I stopped, we exchanged conversation, and then his voice got louder. I had to ask him at least three times to not shout at me.

He told me he used to be a Catholic and he went on about what he hated in the Catholic Church and asked what I thought of certain things.

He was offensive and upset me so much I was near to tears.

I found him anything but Christian. These people should be monitored by whoever is in charge.

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