Letters - October 27, 2011

Cockle pickers are rescued from Ribble Estuary in Lytham by the coastguard and RNLI.
Cockle pickers are rescued from Ribble Estuary in Lytham by the coastguard and RNLI.
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ONCE again, emergency services had to be mobilised to rescue cockle pickers.

Of course, lifeboat crews will turn out without hesitation when needed.

It appears helicopters, coastguard and police were also involved.

All of them do what is necessary, without question, or concern for their own safety.

It does, however, seem wrong that taxpayers, and, in the case of the RNLI, those who work hard to raise finance and donate, should have to bear the considerable costs of these operations.

These cockle pickers are people deliberately putting themselves at risk in the pursuit of profit. There should surely be some mechanism put in place whereby they have to pay for the consequences of their own folly.


Saltcotes Road


IN 1957, the island of St Kilda in the Outer Hebrides was the location for the building of a base for a military project named Operation Hardrock.

Duties shared between the RAF and the Army ensured a cold war warning establishment was set up on the island.

A number of us who served on that operation are trying to establish a small internet community, in order that we may reconnect and chat about the old days. I suspect a few people who served must live within the reaches of The Gazette.

People need to contact me first at my email address which is trevor@merciaproductions.com

We know they are out there. It is a case of letting them know of our existence.





I WANT to thank everyone who attended our ACT (Achieving Communities Together) official launch last week at St Teresa’s Church Hall in Anchorsholme.

We had a marvellous day, and everybody enjoyed themselves, bringing a real community spirit to the occasion.

My thanks also go out to everyone who helped with the displays and stalls. Your help was invaluable, and if we can achieve all that in a year, imagine where we will be in the next 12 months with our ambitious plans to create new community groups including an art club for the residents of Anchorsholme.

Here is to a great future for Anchorsholme.