Letters - October 26, 2012

Winter Gardens restoration. Mazzei's cafe. Built Heritage Manager Carl Carrington looking at the mirrors and plasterwork.
Winter Gardens restoration. Mazzei's cafe. Built Heritage Manager Carl Carrington looking at the mirrors and plasterwork.
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WHAT a great atmosphere has been created in the recently decorated Renaissance Room in the Spanish Suite of the Winter Gardens.

As a tourist guide for the Winter Gardens, I and other Winter Gardens accredited guides were thrilled at the work being undertaken by building heritage officer Carl Carrington and his team.

This is only one of the rooms being returned to its former elegance of gold and cream plasterwork, reminiscent of the Renaissance period.

The most interesting fact is nothing is ever wasted in the uncovering of each room’s hidden Jewels which are being treated so carefully.

Well done Carl who has by his enthusiasm fallen in love with Blackpool’s iconic , Flight of Fancy, designed by Andrew Mazzie.

I would love to see as many people as possible taking the torchlight tours of the Winter Gardens this Halloween, and supporting The Winter Gardens Trust.


Primrose Avenue,

South Shore

THE great, and much loved Peter Kay in conversation with Danny Baker at the Opera House in Blackpool was a waste of money.

Around 2,000 members of the Great British public paid between £35 and £45 to go and listen to what can only be described as two and a half hours of boring banter between a superstar and a star struck hero worshipper. In my mind it was rubbish.

If that ‘show’ had to take place it should have been filmed in a TV studio in front of a non-paying audience.

We were told at the beginning by Baker that he and Kay were going ‘to try something different’.

We were asked to try and stay with them for the first half and the second half would be more of Peter dong his thing. It didn’t happen.

The second half was worse then the first.

Peter, I believe left the stage just in time at the end before the audience totally lost their patience.

During the last 30 minutes comments such as ‘rubbish’, ‘boring’ and ‘get on with it’ were heard coming from various quarters of the audience.

Then came the shout which got the biggest cheer of the night, ‘for heavens sake, tell us a joke’ which Peter did.

I have heard better jokes and delivery of said joke in the local pub, but at least it was better than anything else during the performance.



Editor’s note: The show was advertised by promoters as a question and answer session and not as a stand-up routine.

WE would like to say well done to Blackpool Transport.

We had not been to Blackpool for years but had a week’s holiday at the end of August and used the transport all week.

All the bus and tram staff were most helpful, they are a credit to Blackpool.

We were really impressed with the new trams which are very disabled friendly, and we will be back next year for another holiday.