Letters - October 24, 2011

Busy Blackpool on the run up to August Bank Holiday weekend.'On the beach. PIC BY ROB LOCK
Busy Blackpool on the run up to August Bank Holiday weekend.'On the beach. PIC BY ROB LOCK
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HAVING just returned from a holiday in Germany, I have missed all the disturbance about the poor Illuminations, but the Germans have a system to keep their holiday resorts clean and free of tax liability on the locals.

All guests in hotels and guest houses are charged one euro a day on their bill.

They are issued with a ticket that gives them free access to the town’s municipal facilities such as parks and beaches. All day trippers therefore pay one euro a day to use those facilities.

The money raised is used to provide brass band concerts in the parks, plus cleaning of the beaches and parks and also for illuminated displays and other tourist benefits.

If Blackpool adopted such a policy, there would be an outcry at first for charging to go on the beaches and into the parks.

But if you use them, you pay for the cleaning and all the thousands of day trippers would pay towards the Illuminations, and not just eat their homemade sandwiches and go home leaving their litter behind.



IT is once again that time of year when Streetlife receives harvest festival donations from local people, schools and churches.

This year, because of the economic climate, we were expecting the level of donations to drop, but on the contrary this has been the best harvest collection for several years.

On behalf of the vulnerable young people who use our services, I would like to say a huge heartfelt thank you to all those who have donated food, clothing and money to Streetlife. Without their generosity we could not keep up the level of service we provide.




WE’VE recently spent a week in Blackpool and I just wanted to say what a fantastic place it is.

We visited all the main attractions, the Tower, the Dungeon, the circus etc., and the people went out of their way to make sure everybody had a really good time.

There’s just such a good atmosphere about the place and the people were friendly and nice.

The lovely horses and carriages along the Promenade and the fabulous lights and firework displays. It’s all just magical and Blackpool, you’ve got it spot on.

Thank you, we’ll be back next year for sure.