Letters - October 23, 2014

COOKSON STREET Is this really the best area for a new four star hotel
COOKSON STREET Is this really the best area for a new four star hotel
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Four star hotel plan

Take tour

The car park on Topping Street East seems a curious place to locate a four star hotel costing £14m.

Perhaps Blackpool’s chief executive Neil Jack, council leader Simon Blackburn and his cabinet ought to visit the area one Saturday evening.

Their tour should include Cookson Street, Dickson Road, Queen Street and Bank Hey Street.

They will need to dodge rowdy stag and hen parties, aggressive drunks and foul-mouthed dudes.

On returning to the town hall, the party may well have fully justified second thoughts.

Ian Jackson

Park Road


In memory of Bleddyn


A few weeks ago The 
Gazette was good enough to publish an article about our late son Bleddyn 
Matthew who died tragically last year from Diabetic 
Ketoacidosis, aged 
just 25.

His sister Blanche was determined something should be done, both as a tribute to Bleddyn and to raise funds for Diabetes UK, an organisation our family knew very little about until his sudden death.

Blanche put a team of 
family and friends together to run in the Bristol half-
marathon, nicknamed ‘Bristol for Bleddyn’.

She cajoled runners from all over the UK and as far afield as New Zealand to take part, regardless of their ages or fitness level.

So far funds raised have reached £15,000 – way beyond what was aimed for or 
expected. The family wish to express their sincere gratitude to the good people of Fleetwood and the Fylde coast for all their generous donations and support.

Also to Mike Lovell, Chris Howarth and Clair Cartmel who joined Blanche, George and their dad in pounding the streets of Bristol on a very warm Sunday morning.

We are also grateful for those who travelled just to watch and support us.

It was a truly remarkable occasion.

To each and every person, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Eugene and Carol Duffy

Radcliffe Road


Trying to trace Janet


I am trying to find Janet Rogers who lived in 
Bispham in the 1960s.

She used to go to Arnold School.

I believe Janet may be living in the South Shore area of Blackpool.

If anyone knows of Janet, or has any news of her I would be very grateful if you could contact me.

Tony Raymond


(01253) 693223

Stand up for pedestrians


‘Is it me’ (as Terry Wogan would say) or are there any other pedestrians out there who, like me, have never felt so unsafe on the 
pavements as they do 

There seem to be plenty of people looking after the needs of motorists but do we have a ‘minister for 

I don’t think so, despite the many pleas to get 
out of our cars and walk more.

Quite apart from dodging all manner of obstacles (some erected by councils), dog excretia and other rubbish on the pavement, pedestrians are now having to deal with all manner of vehicles, motorised and otherwise, using the 

Yes, this includes cars whose drivers seem to feel it is 
acceptable to drive across large swathes of pavement to get to where they want to be.

Not content to own the roads, they want to own the pavements as well.

In a recent issue of the 
council publication Your Blackpool, in response to a letter from a member of the public, it was clearly stated that ‘cycling on the pavement is illegal’, and I certainly meet plenty of pavement cyclists where I live near the 
trading estate off Squires Gate Lane.

How many of those, I wonder, have been prosecuted or even just ticked off by the police?

I finish this letter as I started with a quote from another 
comedian – not a lot!

Name and address supplied

Airport closure disgrace


Firstly, I would just like to say that I agree 100 per cent with what C. Hedges says in his or her letter (Your Say, October 15).

My family and I must have paid more than £500 over the years since the ADF (airport development fee) was introduced.

It was supposed to be for the future of the airport, so where has it gone?

Balfour Beatty should never have been allowed to buy the airport in the first place and Blackpool Council are a disgrace for standing on the side lines and letting this closure happen and putting money into a hotel that is not needed.

In case they hadn’t noticed, there are hotels boarded up and closed on the Prom, so where are the customers for this hotel?

They are coming from Manchester Airport I presume.

Wilf Greaves