Letters - October 23, 2013

Blackpool Town Hall.
Blackpool Town Hall.
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Cuts hurt

More than 6,000 UK residents have written to their local councillors urging them to call on the government for a UK-wide Robin Hood Tax and, as a result, 25 councils have tabled and passed a motion calling to Bring Robin Home.

These councils (who represent more than five million Britons) have demonstrated clearly they are concerned with the way public service budgets are being slashed and feel they are being offered no clear avenues for alternative funding from Westminster.

Further, the axe is falling heaviest on struggling districts, disproportionately affecting poorer communities.

These are precisely the areas with the greatest need for publicly provided services.

Poorer communities tend to rely on the public sphere more than the private (more likely to use NHS services than private healthcare, rely on social housing).

Against the backdrop of public sector cuts, the banks are once again enjoying record profits.

Despite being bailed out for billions by the taxpayer, the financial sector has largely avoided having to clean up after the mess they’ve made. The British public have once again footed the bill.

I believe Blackpool Council should be doing more to speak up for alternative policy options to the austerity approach prescribed by Westminster and the council should take a formal stand on this issue and the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) is an important way of doing this.

I have already written to my councillors requesting they propose a motion calling on the government to introduce a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) – otherwise known as the Robin Hood Tax and secure formal backing for this motion from our elected councillors.

In doing so, our councillors would be making a real and popular difference, combatting austerity both within our authority and beyond.

An FTT would raise up to £20bn a year in the UK.

It would see the financial sector help clear up the mess it caused, rather than ordinary people paying with their jobs, frozen or lower wages, and declining public services.

Local government has felt the cuts more than most, and should be at the forefront of the fight back against these centrally imposed measures.

I am seeking the views of Blackpool constituents - please visit 
www.robinhoodtax.org.uk and ask your local councillor to take a stand for the Robin Hood Tax.

It just takes a few minutes to do and at the same time, you can join the online petition, should you wish.

Or alternatively, you can visit www.wewriteto
them.com where you can send your councillors a personalised letter with your thoughts and concerns.

Garry Richardson

Catterall Close


Catching the goose!

Crime file

I loved Inspector Jason Richardson’s story about investigating a lost goose on Christmas Day (Gazette Crime File, October 22).

This is the type of police work we don’t usually get to hear about!

The inspector is clearly a very dedicated officer.

C. Bolton


Conference venue


I feel the time has come to initiate a campaign to get a state-of-the-art Golden Mile conference centre, arena venue and hotel built for Blackpool .

An ideal site would be the old Central Station area as direct road, rail and tram links would feed into it.

This is the kind of vision and plan Blackpool needs.

With the right architectural design it could overlook the sea and also have breathtaking views of The Tower from within.

A building for the 21st Century that reflects the history of the past perhaps?

There are so many exciting possibilities.

We need to stop destroying heritage buildings and preserve them and also start building new ones.

We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Join us and help to make sure Blackpool has a future we can all be proud of together.

Let’s put the ideas forward and make sure central government listen to our plans and find ways to fund this exciting project.

Let me know what you think and what ideas you may have - email me at slatterychristy@aol.co.uk. I will look forward to hearing from you.

David Slattery-Christy


Switch off and save

Street light

I have written to The Gazette previously about waste in the NHS.

But now I have an example of waste that is even better.

Three and a half months ago, we had three extra street lights put up in Aysgarth Court.

I understood these new lights were to save money.

These three lights have been lit 24/7 since they were put up in spite of calls to the council and E.on.

Need I say more.

Mr John Scholey

Aysgarth Court