Letters - October 23, 2012

Sam Ascroft and some of the kittens at Cats Paws Sanctuary, School Road, Blackpool.
Sam Ascroft and some of the kittens at Cats Paws Sanctuary, School Road, Blackpool.
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OH dear Steve, yes you are most definitely “a dog person” and have fallen into the most obvious trap when adopting a kitten or cat (Steve Canavan. October 18).

As any “catty” person will tell you, you cannot train a cat to do anything.

Remember they were worshipped as gods in ancient times and have not forgotten that.

They are not owned by you but rather have you as their slave. You must pander to their every whim rather than expecting them to fit in with you.

If a kitten or cat is allowed into the bedroom at night you will never get a good sleep, better to put them in their own room.

So long as there is food, water and somewhere cosy to sleep you will all get a peaceful night and having been away from 
you for a few hours they will love you even more in the morning.

Get a covered litter tray, that way the kitten’s bottom can’t end up over the edge of the tray thus avoiding the mess on the floor (don’t know where you are buying your litter but the cost is ridiculous and there are much cheaper ones on the market).

Get him a scratching post, the bigger the better, with lots of platforms and places to sit, put catnip on it and he will use that instead of the furniture and carpets.


Cats Paws Sanctuary,

School Road,


I WAS interested in Pat O’Connor’s views regarding the isolation of older people (Letters, October 16).

There are many meeting places which perhaps need more publicity.

I attend the Age UK singalong at The Sandhills in St Annes Square on Thursdays between noon and 3.30pm, where Miss Patricia with the help of Hugh on the organ organises the singalong.

There is an open mike for anyone who wants to sing and a convivial time is had by all.

I take another lady along who otherwise would be housebound, and I take another lady for a car ride on a Sunday afternoon who would otherwise be housebound in her flat.

I feel people should be more aware and help the older generation where they can.


Pilling Avenue,

St Annes.

ROYSTON Jones wants a public takeover of the power industries (Letters,
 October 17).

Where would he start?

With the Government borrowing billions of pounds to buy out the present owners – or would a Cuban style confiscation be more appropriate?

Then who would provide the funds to build the new generation requirement?

Presumably he would rule out the customers? But they are also called 


Devonshire Road,