Letters - October 22, 2015

Former RAF serviceman Robin Adair is suffering with noisy neighbours near his home in Cleveleys
Former RAF serviceman Robin Adair is suffering with noisy neighbours near his home in Cleveleys
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We all have a role to play to help elderly

I often read of campaigns to stop bullying of young people. However, after reading about the ‘living hell’ endured by RAF veteran Roy Adair (October 20), I think there should be a campaign to stop the bullying of elderly people by the young.

The idea is that the police should actually solve all Mr Adair’s problems. But due to police cuts this hinders them from fighting and solving crime. Peer pressure makes these young people (bullies) act the way they do.

Also their parent/parents have not taught them to respect the elderly and their property.

If there is a good community centre in the area, this could go a long way to protecting the elderly people.

A good community spirit means people in the community create the best form of community safety.

Residents should be looking out for each other and watching what is going on in the area.

Someone knows the names of the troublesome young people. Their parents should be involved in stopping their bad behaviour.

There should be friendly supervision of elderly people like Mr Adair from neighbours.

When these young people grow up, I hope they will remember the time they bullied elderly people like Mr Adair, and feel ashamed.

P O’Connor

Portland Road



PM’s ‘patriotism’ rings rather hollow

In his usual, abusive style the Prime Minister used his Tory conference speech to slander the new leader of the Labour Party for supposedly lacking patriotism, but what about his ‘patriotism’ and that of his Party?

Aside from massive cuts to our Armed Forces ensuring we have the smallest Army, Navy and Air force ever, Tory policies are de-skilling the state and destroying industry.

With the closure of Redcar steelworks, another nail in the coffin of British industry has been hammered home, yet the Government stood back and allowed it to happen while giving a £45 million loan to a Canadian steelmaker owned by a UK-based Russian oligarch.

Also this month, the Tories’ spiteful eradication of the UK’s mining industry will be complete when our last remaining coal mine closes, ensuring a nation sitting on coal will now be entirely dependent on foreign imports for this vital resource.

These disasters mainly result from the Tories’ lack of an industrial policy and an antipathy to manufacturing that began under Thatcher and continues apace. We no longer manufacture airliners, locomotives, and merchant ships (despite being an island) and much else besides.

Added to this is the Chancellor’s initiative to mortgage us to the Chinese and give them control of a significant part of our civil nuclear capacity!

Deeds not words; in his deeds and words Cameron lives up to the old adage about ‘patriotism’ and scoundrels.

James Sorah

Publicity Officer, Blackpool Against Cuts


Formby love story brought response

The feature about the book, Formby’s Lost Love, in the Blackpool Gazette’s Memory Lane section (October 9), has brought an overwhelming response.

Many readers have been in contact to order a copy of Formby’s Lost Love – including interest from Canada and Spain, along with Lancashire folk – who have never forgotten Britain’s ukulele star, George Formby.

Formby’s Lost Love tells the heartbreaking story of Formby’s fiancee, Lytham resident Pat Howson, who was left the majority of his £2.25m fortune in his will, following his death in 1961. Religious education teacher Pat Howson died, a decade later, aged 46, in 1971, from ovarian cancer.

I would like to thank the Gazette for the tremendous response following the article.

To order a book of Formby’s Lost Love, priced at £10, email lancashiremedia@talktalk.net

Andrew Atkinson


Formby’s Lost Love


A great tribute to a local success story

What a great article on Elaine Smith (Gazette, October 12) by Robin Duke. A true Blackpool success story, of boundless energy and dedication to a fulfilling life yet 80 and still going strong.

As to the vandalism in Stanley Park, may be the TA would be interested in having a base there for training and manoeuvres.

Kevin Gooder

Clinton Avenue