Letters - October 22, 2013

CHARITY HELL? Talbot Road in Blackpool
CHARITY HELL? Talbot Road in Blackpool
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Town centre shopping


Here we go again!

Another charity shop to open on Talbot Road, where before there used to be a clothing shop.

At present we have 16 charity shops all within the immediate town centre and now another is in the process of furnishing itself out, bringing the number on Talbot Road alone to eight.

So here’s how this will go.

Holidaymakers will get off the train, see the big new buildings, turn down on to Talbot Road and all they will see is charity shop heaven or in this case hell.

Now this charity shop that is about to open in a shop unit which less than a month ago sold new clothing, makes me question why did the shop owner have to close down?

If it was because he could not afford the rates and rent then how is this charity shop paying for the rent and rates?

If the council is giving them a rates discount why could they not have done the same for the original owner?

The shop owners and public are sick of charity shops taking over entire streets.

Why does the council seem to think the amount of charity shops in and around our town centre is so acceptable, because I cannot fathom for love nor money why they see fit to allow so many so close to these new buildings going up.

I was under the impression the council was trying to regenerate the town not degenerate it.

Guest house owners and the general public who live and work in Blackpool want to shop in normal shops.

Mr Easton

North Shore


Well said Paul


I applaud Paul Galley (Politically Correct, October 15).

As a Tory councillor he is very brave to denounce his (national) leader’s rather naive rhetoric about Blackpool being the centre of Europe for the shale gas industry.

He is wise to distance himself from such an
hilarious statement.

Especially as many countries around Europe have very mixed feelings about shale gas extraction and many experts are sceptical, as so many factors are to be considered.

Tax incentives may allow companies to take the risk of trying to commercialise shale gas, but experts believe although shale gas has changed the energy landscape for the US and provided it with cheap energy, this may not be the same for the UK for several reasons.

According to Dr Jayesh Parmar of energy consultancy Baringa Partners, “there is significant potential in the UK, but the exact scale of the economically recoverable reserves is subject to considerable 

He believes the cost of production is likely to be higher as the UK is more densely populated than the US, and it may be hard to get drilling permission.

The shale gas extraction process, will always receive criticism from environmentalists as it is said to lead to earthquakes and water pollution.

Paul Stevens, a senior research fellow at Chatham House, believes “ the US results cannot be replicated as shale plays in Europe are deeper and in smaller amounts”.

Clearly any economic gains are doubtful.

Although government tax breaks will allow companies to take the risk to see if they can commercialise shale gas, it is also clear we need many other ways to generate energy and we need it sooner, rather than later.

It is a pity the Government do not see the potential for alternative energy being sourced in coastal towns like Blackpool and wind wave and solar power is where they should be giving tax breaks to local firms to exploit this potential.

Thank you Coun Galley for raising your views and and joining the anti fracking debate at this time when Cuadrilla have withdrawn from Anna’s Road, due to it being a well known site for migrating birds.

Marjorie Nye

Knowle Avenue

North Shore

coronation street


I imagine Blackpool Council would be highly delighted at the free publicity from Coronation Street, showing scenes featuring their resident Meerkat family during the breaks.

But on closer examination, they must have realised it had mixed blessings when the negative side was revealed.

Shots of the beach, Promenade and Tower were fine – but not a single human holidaymaker was to be seen!

Thankfully, the latest publicity showing Haley and Roy Cropper from the ‘Street showed Blackpool in a far 
better light.

Neil Kendall

Stamford Avenue

South Shore

special delievery

Stamp it out

Posting my passport off for renewal, I was advised to pay £6 extra in order to send it special delivery.

This, I was told would ensure it arrived safely at the Passport Office.

But why do we need to pay extra?

We should be able to trust our mail will get to its destination safely just by paying the standard rate.

Name and address supplied