Letters - October 22, 2012

Fracking at Anna's Road, Westby
Fracking at Anna's Road, Westby
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FRACKING is outlawed in France and other European countries. Germany maintains it should not be carried out in drinking water areas.

Disasters in America demonstrate that there is evidence from water contamination.

In some areas in the US residents have left their houses due to ill health.

Cuadrilla maintains there is nothing to worry about as groundwater is not present in the shale formation at the Preesall site, but the point is not just whether groundwater is present in the shale formation, but whether it is present in the overlying formations through which the drill must pass, or into the fractures which it might spread.

At Preesall, Cuadrilla’s drilling cuts through an aquifer to reach the shale.

Fracking fluids in the US are exempt from regulation and are treated as state secrets. They contain hazardous substances, which can have a severe impact on drinking water quality.

An article in The Guardian (August 31, 2011) called the UK’s ‘lack of fracking regulations insane.’

We must wake up to this impending nightmare and demand honest answers. We must not let the Fylde turn into a disaster area for the sake of profit takers.


Ryeheys Road,

St Annes

I AM asking readers to grab a bucket this December in support of the Big Bucket Collection, a national fund-raising event run by CLIC Sargent, a leading cancer charity for children and young people.

CLIC Sargent has been offered the chance to hold a Big Bucket Collection at the Devonshire Road Lidl in Blackpool on December 7 and 8.

The collection is held every December as part of Childhood Cancer Awareness month.

This December, CLIC Sargent is highlighting the impact of cancer on the school life of younger children. Staying in school can be difficult for children undergoing cancer treatment.

They do all they can to help but right now they can only help two out of three children who need their support, and that’s why the money local volunteers could help to raise is so important.

If you can spare a little time please contact the CLIC Sargent team on 0845 121 2495 or visit www.clicsargent.org.uk/bigbucketcollection


CLIC Sargent,


WILL someone convince me how inflation can only be 2.5 per cent when fuel bills have rocketed and the media have just printed by how much food bills have risen.

Nick Clegg has just announced we are giving billions away to other parts of the world.

We read of people homeless and starving in Britain.

Wake up at the back. Charity begins at home.


Queens Square