Letters - October 21, 2014

Light relief One reader says businesses are not contributing enough towards the Illuminations
Light relief One reader says businesses are not contributing enough towards the Illuminations
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Illuminations support

Donations needed

I write as a supporter of the Illuminations, and to express my concern over the lack of support given by many of the businesses in the town who all benefit from the extended season thanks solely to the Lights.

I would ask them to consider the effect it would have on their businesses if the Lights were curtailed and the holiday season ended in August.

Despite the efforts of the Illuminations department, and the friends group, business donations are down by a significant amount and there is real concern over the future of the Lights.

I thank all those who do support us and also those that are working with us to sustain and improve the 

But there are still many businesses in the town showing apathy and a complete disregard in 
supporting a very important tourist attraction.

It is time they realised they jeopardise their own businesses by not 
supporting the Illuminations. There are numerous excuses used as reasons not to be involved or donate but none are acceptable.

Every business in the town benefits from the trade tourism generates, be it hotel taxi, chip shop, pub, club etc, and therefore I believe it common sense they should all make a contribution.

I know times are difficult financially but they will be considerably harder if the Illuminations end. Anyone who would like to make a donation or wants to get involved can do so by contacting the Illuminations department or the Friends of Illuminations group

C Taylor

South Shore


Repeat showing?

Last week’s UFO sighting over Blackpool reminded me of an uncannily similar object seen by many people over the sea way back in the summer of 1957.

I think, too, it was reported in the Gazette at the time.

Through a three-inch refracting telescope it appeared as a silvery globe, tilted slightly, with a lighter upper surface. Although the authorities suggested a weather balloon, it remained in exactly the same place for most of the afternoon before disappearing in seconds.

A coincidence, another balloon – or the same object making another appearance half a century later?

Barrie Lamb,


Blackpool airport

Town not finished

Just because the airport has closed to commercial flights (at present) it doesn’t mean Blackpool is finished.

Former resident Lorraine Acheson (now living in Belfast) claims it’s another nail in the resort’s coffin and all she sees is businesses closing.

Well this seems to be regular in most towns, cities and resorts, with or without airports.

Some businesses close, new ones open and, as for hotels, it’s no wonder some have finally gone when Blackpool is host to more holiday accommodation than most and still others open, some close – it’s big competition in Blackpool.

So let’s not spout doom and gloom for our resort because it continues to thrive and if people don’t believe it, then stop listening to what others say and how the media often paints a dark picture. Get out there, take the blinkers off and look at what’s really going on.

Clifford Chambers


Airport closure

Destination problem

Over the past 10 years I have made around 50 trips to various European, African or eastern Mediterranean destinations.

The majority of these flights were from Manchester, Gatwick or Heathrow.

Sadly, although I live no more than a £5 taxi ride from Squires Gate, I have been able to use my local airport on just one of those occasions.

Almost none of the destinations I wanted to reach were on offer from Blackpool.

There are only so many 
customers who want to 
go to Spain, Portugal or 

Try booking a flight to 
Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Oslo, Copenhagen, Milan, Warsaw or even London from Blackpool.

A choice of daily flights can be had to all those places, and many more, from Manchester and a small airport like Blackpool is always going to struggle to compete with that.

Mike Mogilnicki


School reunion

Highfield party

We’re having a reunion on Saturday, October 25, for the Highfield Humanities Collge school leavers of 1978 .

Check our web page for full details www.facebook.com/groups/highfieldbpool78 .

See you there.

Carol Taylor

Via email