Letters - October 21, 2011

Junction of Hawkshead Terrace, Mereside. Re injured baby story.
Junction of Hawkshead Terrace, Mereside. Re injured baby story.
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AFTER reading about the horrific treatment little baby Thomas Searle received at the hands of his mother, I think the general public should be made more aware of the NSPCC/Childline work in Blackpool.

I am a volunteer worker and have been for many years, helping to raise funds for the Acorn Centre in Blackpool which helps children with all sorts of problems.

There is, very shortly, going to be a new centre in Blackpool, as sadly there are many more children who need care, love and help, and the Acorn Centre isn’t large enough to cater for them.

If anyone suspects that a child is being harmed by abuse, neglect or any other reason, please don’t hesitate to ring the NSPCC on 0808 800 5000, and hopefully stop another child or baby suffering the appalling injuries like baby Thomas.

Confidentiality is given to anyone who rings up to report any problems and they don’t have to give their name, just the name and address of the baby, child and children they are worried about.



Cleveleys NSPCC Committee

I VERY much agree with Will Wright “Increasing chances of your pet returning” (Gazette, August 24), as micro-chipping a cat or dog is a way of ensuring either its return, or accounting for what was happened to it.

Dogs, usually pedigrees, also need vigilant owners because behaviour such as leaving them tied up outside shops encourages opportunism for thieves.

Perhaps use of an alarm device (similar to that used for vehicles) may be the answer? When I have moved house to ensure my cats have not strayed, or become disorientated, I’ve hung a small wind chime in the garden which, especially in the evening when there is less noise pollution, seems to have helped them keep their bearings.


Ashfield Road


HERE in Blackpool we have an opportunity to make something of Blackpool and instead we are expected to get excited over some more boxes made of ticky-tacky.

Just look at the Debenhams building, clad in what looks like pieces of roofing felt that you would put on your shed. And as for the new wedding chapel on the Festival Headland, we were promised gold cladding but instead we have verdigris.

Nobody in modern times can claim fame to the Tower or the three piers, so how many modern iconic buildings or structures are there in this town? Not many – if any!

Of course there are attractions, such as the Pleasure Beach and Stanley Park, and I’m not denying the new Promenade looks fine, but the only structure I can think of that features in brochures and on local TV as being iconic to Blackpool, apart from the Tower of course, is the Glitterball.

This town will never become a city, not with the small-town mentality that exists.

The site of the former Yates’s Wine Lodge is set to become another unimaginative box instead of something innovative, exciting and bold.