Letters - October 20, 2016

Unveiling of the new Morecambe and Wise statue at the Winter Gardens
Unveiling of the new Morecambe and Wise statue at the Winter Gardens
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Fracking will see 
the Tories ousted

I couldn’t agree more with the comments on fracking from R V Bradley and Paul Marsland in Friday’s Your Say. Sajid Javid’s comments supporting his decision to allow fracking were based on the fact adjacent house prices and public health were not important.

Not to him, this government or Cuadrilla perhaps, but they are of vital importance to the people of Fylde whose lives will be affected by this decision. Can you imagine the furore if any of the shale gas companies applied for permission to drill in the Home Counties? When I served on the planning committee on our local council, effects on adjacent properties and the opinions of people were of primary consideration. This government obviously have no such concerns.

Come the next general election, given the massive opposition to this dirty business, I can see the political colour of the Fylde and most of Lancashire turning away from it’s traditional bright blue because our new Prime Minister has now proven herself to be a liar: “Democracy, a government for and of the people.” Rubbish!

I feel sorry for Mark Menzies, he has been the best Fylde MP for many a year, but given Corbyn’s public stance on banning fracking, the map colour will surely change.

David Nicholls

Elder Close



Thanks to all those who helped husband

My husband wants to thank everyone who helped him in his hour of need.

He had a bad fall on Whitegate Drive. The passers-by (first aiders) who stopped and comforted him got a chair and phoned an ambulance.

The trained ambulance car driver was very caring. The nursing staff at the A&E Victoria hospital who investigated and tended his wounds were so kind and efficient. The doctor in the hospital wanted us to phone him back to make sure he arrived safely home by taxi. So much kindness and caring from people.

One cannot praise them all enough. He is now on the mend thanks to everyone.

P O’Connor



Let’s have a statue 
of Dame Shirley

When it comes to statues and paintings of famous people, I reckon it’s a very hit or miss business. Of the two, I would imagine the former is the most difficult to get right.

A recent example of slipping up in the painting area is the portrait of Her Majesty by artist Henry Ward. While I feel he has failed to capture The Queen as we know her, I would not go so far as one of his artistic critics who apparently said: “It’s not fit to hang on the railings of Kensington Gardens!” Others said it was hideous and the artist should be locked in the Tower.

Be that as it may – the statues I feel can be so tricky – I reckon the man who has produced the new one of our much-loved comedians, Morecambe and Wise has got it spot on. Graham Ibbeson is obviously a very clever sculptor, as his previous statues of Eric Morecambe and Les Dawson clearly show. I’m sure his work will be widely admired by visitors to the Winter Gardens.

Which makes me conjecture on whether Mr Ibbeson may be approached to produce a statue of another artist who clocked up 170 appearances in Blackpool – the wonderful Dame Shirley Bassey, especially as she seems to have retired.

Neil Kendall

Stamford Avenue

South Shore