Letters - October 20, 2015

Denise Nolan - starring in Blood Brothers.
Denise Nolan - starring in Blood Brothers.
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Opera House relies on money-spinners

Whilst I know Mr Kendall, like everyone else, is entitled to his opinion –we all have our favourite musicals – I find myself AGAIN at odds with this gentleman (Your Say, Gazette, October 16).

I, along with most of my family, am very proud to live in Blackpool, and wonder what Mr Kendall’s reasons are – as we don’t even know the gentleman personally – for his uncalled for comments about myself and my sisters. We have only ever praised our adopted home town, and still, while we have absolutely no qualms with people not being fans of ours, we are subjected, quite often, to personal remarks from locals like Mr Kendall.

I think you’ll find, Mr Kendall, that both Blood Brothers and Joseph still pack theatres wherever they play, and that will be the reason they are at The Opera House next year. No sentiment where money is concerned, eh?

I, myself, played Mrs Johnstone in BB at The Opera House for three weeks with not a seat available at this vast theatre, and was very proud to be nominated for best performance that year.

I am a fanatical fan of Jerry Herman’s work, but I know that Mack and Mabel has never been a big success, even with a host of tremendous songs. A great favourite of mine being He Won’t Send Roses, which I have recorded along with several Herman songs. I love him.

I hope it’s doing well in Manchester, maybe it will, with the extremely talented Michael Ball playing Mack, and I do hope Mr Kendall can travel to see it, if it means that much to him. I am also sure The Opera House will survive him not attending the two Bill Kenwright productions he hates.

Blackpool is a small town and cannot compete with Manchester, but I think we do okay and get our fair share of musicals, opera, ballet etc.

But perhaps, in future, Mr Kendall could leave personal resentment out of his correspondence, and stick to the point.

Denise Nolan

via email


Drug-link promo 
a very silly idea

Who in senior management at the Winter Gardens or the building’s owners Blackpool Council, sanctioned the content of the advertising spiel now being relayed continuously from the entrance?

Did any top brass even listen to the recording before it was first aired?

If so, how could the bosses of a top family attraction possibly justify promoting a new show in Blackpool’s flagship theatre with the advice: “Think Mamma Mia on speed.”

Yet this blatant reference to drugs is being bellowed out across Church Street every few minutes, in a bid to sell tickets for Last Night A DJ Saved My Life.

Not very clever is it?

Name and address supplied


Tories’ policy will damage families

I, like massive numbers of hard-working people across the UK, am disgusted at this government’s lies regarding tax credits, and their assurances before the election they would not be cut, only to penalise thousands of working families on low wages.

The farce of the Tories’ claim to be the party of the working family has been shown to be the huge lie it always was.

The Conservative Party represent the wealthy, and the damage they will inflict over this parliament will make Thatcher proud.

Jay Holmes

Hope Street



Why do we pay to do stores’ advertising?

I write in reply to Jayne Dawson’s article in The Gazette (October 17).

While I appreciate the reasons behind charging 5p or 10p for plastic bags, it seems wrong that the supermarket advertises their name on the bag.

I have argued a few times that this is free advertising and they should pay me to advertise for them.

These bags should be blank. I cannot agree with paying (I know it goes to charity) while also giving them free advertising.

Alun Jones

Argosy Avenue



I’m delighted to be honoured on pier

I am thrilled to find that a renovated seat on North Pier has been dedicated to myself, and others who are working to save and promote the heritage of Blackpool. I, like others, enjoy the history of the pier and also are interested in its continual upkeep.

Both my grandfathers are also named on other prestigious buildings – one, Lieutenant William Crossland Ponter, is on the cenotaph for fighting for his country, and my other grandfather, Charles Allen Clarke, is on Little Marton Windmill for doing so much to promote Blackpool and its (then) many windmills.

My mother and father were keen dancers on the North Pier so it will be a joy to sit on the seat and enjoy one of the oldest ladies of Blackpool who is still a great source of promenading for its many visitors.

Shirley Matthews

Heritage Community Champion and Tourist Guide