Letters - October 2, 2013

CARE CONCERN Most care homes are not run as they should be, says one letter writer
CARE CONCERN Most care homes are not run as they should be, says one letter writer
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Care home standards

Get it right

I read with great interest your story ‘Care Home Shame’ (Gazette September 10).

First of all I would like to agree with the story and thank you for highlighting this to the general public.

There is no excuse for poor care.

Some years ago, I was so appalled by the poor standards of care being offered by some care homes, I decided to purchase one of my own.

Sadly, however, my mother passed away within weeks of completion, though her memory and standards still live on.

I bought The Willows Care Home in May 2009, a small 12-bedroom (only seven residents at the time) care home on the fringe of Marton Moss.

At the time the home suffered from a huge amount of underfunding.

The residents’ rooms were dated, and the decor had seen better days.

Should your report have been published back then, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if The Willows had been mentioned.

However, I would like to say on balance, it is possible to turn a failing care home around if you have the right skills and passion.

Sadly however, most care homes are not run as they should be, a failing you may say lies with the regulator, CQC.

We have since built a three-bedroom extension which was filled within weeks of its completion in December 2011.

Our refurbishment programme still remains, which is to refurbish each and every resident’s bedroom when the room becomes available.

It’s difficult these days to pick up a newspaper without care homes being mentioned in some negative way.

You really have to search for anything good coming from the industry.

However we now enjoy an enviable reputation locally as well as nationally, a full occupancy, and a short waiting list.

Our past three key CQC inspections have been fully compliant with no recommendations to add.

We are so very proud of our care home.

Paul Swithenbank

Willows Care Home

Midgeland Road


Tramway extension

No room

The comments by Mr Strangwick (Letters September 28) about a proposed tram extension to North Railway Station says it all.

Talbot Road is not wide enough to take these vehicles with today’s traffic.

The roadworks will cause even more upheaval more road works would and when Sainsbury’s opens its doors more traffic will enter this area.

The Promenade is the ideal place for trams and light railway and that’s where they should stay.

Mr R. Hollins

William Street


Tree vandalism


My family is registered with Newton Drive Medical Centre, which relocated from the Blackpool “side” of the roundabout to a brand new building on the edge of the Grange Park estate.

You reach the surgery from Bathurst Avenue and some lovely trees were planted along the approach road.

On my latest visit to see the doctor my children were upset to see that one of these trees, absolutely filled with berries, had been snapped off by yobs who were obviously short of something constructive to do with their time.

I doubt they will even feel any guilt the next time they have to attend the surgery if they are registered there.

Name and 
address supplied

Cuts to police service

Taking affect

I was concerned to read that more police officers and police staff will be lost due to the harsh cuts imposed by the Government on Lancashire Police Authority.

Blackpool’s new police chief Supt Bayly, has stated ‘the resort’s residents probably will not notice any changes’.

He is wrong.

One can already see changes due to a lack of police presence.

Cars parked just anywhere, often in situations that could easily cause accidents, parking at traffic lights whilst the driver does a quick purchase in a nearby shop.

This police absence will be even more noticeable when the new measures are implemented.

Further cuts will bring the total reduction in Lancashire to 700 police officers plus 550 support staff.

The Government is simply concentrating on cutting grants to already hard pressed councils, police, fire service and support for vulnerable people.

The alternative would have been to go for growth in the economy; to boost output and create jobs.

The Coalition has made only token gestures in that direction.

They prefer instead to attack the living standards of ordinary people, whilst tax cuts preserve the lot of those earning over a million pounds per year.

Jack Croysdill


Blackpool North 
and Cleveleys 
Labour Party