Letters - October 2, 2012

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IN response to Mrs Hazel Block regarding 999 What’s Your Emergency, (Letters September 27), she clearly has no understanding of the damage the programme causes to the reputation of Blackpool.

The programme damages our town from a tourist’s point of view, from anyone considering living in the town, shopping in our town or going out in our town.

We all know Blackpool has a number of social problems but we do not need to broadcast this to the rest of the country.

We need to show the benefits of Blackpool as a tourist destination and a place to live. We want to encourage families to come to our resort.

The people who approved for this programme to be broadcast had no thought to the damage this was going to cause to our town.


Managing Director,

Kenricks Estate Agents,

Church Street,


I WOULD like to thank the staff on Ward 32 at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

On a recent holiday in Blackpool my husband had an accident and broke his ankle.

He was taken into hospital where he had an operation. As he is over 90 years old he needed extra care.

Unfortunately our holiday had come to an end and I had to go back to Manchester.

This made visiting difficult and it was necessary to try to arrange to bring him back to a hospital nearer to home.

This was eventually arranged and he is now in hospital in Manchester.

I would like to thank all the people who were so helpful during this difficult period, in particular all of the staff and nurses on Ward 32 who were so kind and understanding.


Cheltenham Road,


I AGREE entirely with Mrs Hazel Block.

The programme is not about the state of Blackpool per se but more the fantastic and extremely difficult way in dealing with the public which the police, fire and ambulance services do with absolute dedication.

The appalling behaviour of the easily led in our society in this country is sadly endemic. It isn’t, only Blackpool that has this problem.

What is the answer to this problem? I sadly have no idea.


Blackpool Road,