Letters - October 19, 2015

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Wear your poppy with pride this year

For more than 85 years, The Royal British Legion has supported British soldiers, sailors and airmen who have defended our country and helped to keep peace elsewhere in the world.

Many return to civilian life, only to find great difficulty in re-adapting. These men and women have done and continue to do, so much for our way of life, and The Royal British Legion is committed to supporting them and, where necessary, their families and their dependants.

Today, British servicemen and women bravely play their part in peacekeeping forces in all parts of the world. When they return to civilian life, The Royal British Legion will be there for them, as it is for veterans of the World Wars, The Gulf, The Falklands, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other conflicts since 1945.

The Royal British Legion, as a charity, is reliant upon public support for its funding, and The Poppy Appeal is a vital part of the Legion’s fund-raising efforts.

Over the past year, The Royal British Legion has responded to more than 300,000 appeals for help and every year these numbers grow. Your donation is vital to that support. Please give whatever you can afford, no matter how little. Remembrance Day brings together the communities of our country to commemorate those who sacrificed their youth for our freedom.

Help the Poppy Appeal to help those who have given so much.

Wear your Poppy with pride!

Coun Peter Callow

Mayor of Blackpool


Get on board with call on tram travel

Last week, Labour MP for Fleetwood, Cat Smith, called on David Cameron to look into funding concessionary tram travel for pensioners and people with disabilities through the same central funding that covers buses.

As I argued repeatedly during the election campaign, this is the most logical and fair way to fund a much-needed replacement scheme, after uneven Tory local government cuts made it impossible for Blackpool Council to continue funding free travel for people who pay their council tax to other authorities.

Tory MP, Paul Maynard, claims to be on the side of pensioners over this but his public demonstrations, placards and leaflets are just a publicity stunt and smoke-screen to hide his complete abandonment of the issue.

He could be calling on Tory councillors on Wyre Council to take up Lancashire County Council’s offer to share the costs of funding a concessionary travel scheme, but he won’t. He could have met with Lancashire County Council to discuss the offer, but he hasn’t. And he could have made the same call as Cat Smith MP did in parliament, but it seems he is not interested in finding real solutions to a problem.

I urge Mr Maynard to come clean and admit Cat Smith’s proposal, which Cameron said he would “look carefully” at, is the one he should have made over a year ago, get on board with our solution and stop letting down his constituents.

Sam Rushworth

Labour 2015 Candidate for Blackpool North and Cleveleys


Moderates have a home with Tories

I was somewhat perplexed by the letters in Monday’s Gazette from some people who seem to be apologising for Jeremy Corbyn’s words – the old chestnut of being taken out of context.

I think the reason your correspondents are so upset is because they know Mr Corbyn does believe the death of Bin Laden was a tragedy and they know the working people of Britain think the opposite?

They know that their beloved Labour Party has become so extreme they’ve abandoned the centre ground and headed for a failed socialist paradise.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour is now a risk to economic security, the security of this nation, and the security of every family in our country.

You can often say you can judge a man by the company he keeps; look at who Jeremy Corbyn calls his friends – the IRA, Hamas, Hezbollah. I say to moderate, progressive Labour supporters and members, you have have a home in the Conservatives.

Vince McNulty

Bispham Road



We should take back power from Brussels

Chris Moncrieff (Gazette, October 13) is spot on regarding uncontrolled immigration into Britain. It is not only the NHS that is suffering.

Our whole life structure is controlled by the bureaucrats in Brussels, not by our MPs. When Gordon Brown signed the Lisbon Treaty he gave away all our rights to govern ourselves.

Brussels has already told David Cameron that freedom of movement is non-negotiable and on no account will it be compromised. He has no room to manoeuvre. He will be out-voted if he tries to get the existing systems changed.

When you consider the four million that are already here, and the other untold millions heading our way, what chance does our NHS have of dealing with all these incomers?

In 1974 I voted for us joining what was then the Common Market. It made sense at the time that we should enter into this trade agreement, but since then there have been numerous ‘Treaties’ of one sort or another turning the Common Market into a bureaucratic monster, a dictatorship, steamrollering legislation across the UK whether we agree with it or not. Our Parliament is powerless to stop it.

All the talk of us suffering if we pulled out of the EU is a red herring broadcast by people who have a vested interest in us staying in.

I say let us govern ourselves and create our own future!

Derek J Bunting

West Drive