Letters - October 19, 2012

Enjoying the snow on Beacon Fell
Enjoying the snow on Beacon Fell
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HAVE been made aware of possible plans to plant trees on Fell Side Pasture, part of the west facing slope of Beacon Fell.

This is an area which has been popular with sledgers since the 1970s when the fell was opened to the public.

It is a wide open piece of agricultural land which is grazed by cattle and sheep all year round.

This short grass needs no more than two inches of snow to make it a winter wonderland for outdoor pursuits, ideal for the experienced and toddlers with tin trays alike.

Close proximity to the Fylde Coast has made this fell a magnet, it is the nearest high ground we see and we use few car miles to get there.

Surely other land is available for planting, and I urge anyone who wants this winter play area to remain to contact Lancashire County Council.

The estate surveyor has told me the policy is not drawn up yet.

It’s still on amber.

If it goes to green, it’s too late. Act now.


Dorchester Road,


MEP Defends Freedom of Speech (Gazette October 15) – it is more like an attack on common sense by North West MEP Chris Davies.

How can you compare promoting police killings on T-shirts, with the Russian ‘Pussy Riot’ pop group’s protest for civil freedom?

Look at our lame handling in the past of radical cleric Abu Hamza?

He should have been stopped right away.

Freedom of speech is great as long as it does not go against the freedom and security of the nation.


Gill Court,


IN response to your story No Stone Unturned to Catch The Rapists (Gazette October 16), I am aware there are no Rape Crisis Centres in Lancashire, although we are working with several agencies to develop them.

We would like your readers to know the five centres in Merseyside will be happy to receive calls from victims of rape and sexual abuse.

We will listen without judgement, we will hear what you are saying and we will work with you to your agenda to do what is right for you.



Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre 

0151 650 0155, 0151 633 2151 or 0750 122 7736.