Letters - October 17, 2014

The closure of Blackpool Airport
The closure of Blackpool Airport
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Closure of airport


I am shocked and saddened at the sudden closure of Blackpool Airport.

I was born in South 
Shore 87 years ago and I well remember walking along Lytham Road with my grandpa to see the 
aeroplanes at Squires Gate in the 1930s.

I left school at 14 in 1941 and went to work at Vickers Armstrong’s factory on Squires Gate Lane, where they made Wellington Bombers.

Hundreds of these essential aircraft flew from the airfield.

The famous airwoman Amy Johnson was among the women ferry pilots that flew new aircraft to their bases, hence Amy Johnson Way.

Towards the end of the war all the employees went out on the airfield to cheer the last Wellington to fly from Squires Gate.

Soon after that we were again invited to watch the new jet aircraft, the 
Meteor, flown in by test 
pilot Tubby Trubshaw.

The noise of the engine was so different to the old “Welly” and we were totally amazed at the steep rate and angle of ascent.

I had never flown and 
when I was 70 I had a birthday present from my daughter, a flight in an old DC10 at a 
Blackpool Airshow and I was thrilled to see Blackpool from the air.

A sad day indeed now that something the Fylde coast has called its own for so many years has ended so abruptly.

No more Red Arrows and wonderful air shows, the end of an era and a cruel blow for Blackpool.

Joan Banks

Hornsey Avenue

St Annes

Council grass cutting


On reading your recent articles advising residents the council’s ‘travelling couch’ would be visiting each area giving residents the opportunity to voice any complaints they may have regarding the council, my husband and I met with a town hall officer.

We told him that up to a few years ago, when the grass verges were cut, the cuttings were immediately swept up and removed.

But for the past few years the cuttings have been left to lie on the pavement to get blown up the drive.

If left, these grass cuttings germinate between the bricks on the driveway and pretty soon we are presented with a drive full of weeds.

It is impossible to sweep block paving, so it has to be vacuumed.

The cutting of grass verges is a two man job – one cutting and one sweeping up immediately after him, or a mower which collects the cuttings as it cuts and a wagon on hand into which to empty the grass cuttings.

For many years now we have paid our council tax by direct debit.

In view of Blackpool Council’s change of policy in recent years, i.e. littering areas instead of cleaning them, we will be cancelling our direct debit payments for 2015 in February and making one payment instead in future.

Each the time the council litters the pavement at the foot of our drive, we will arrange for a local handyman to call and sweep the pavement and vacuum our block paved drive as soon as he can do it.

Our payment to the council the following year will then be minus the cost to us of cleaning up after the council and we will of course enclose copies of each receipt in respect of this work.

We feel we have no other 
alternative to this problem, after years of trying to get the council to face up to its 

Mr B & Mrs E Grime

Norbreck Road


Thanks for health care


I have recently spent six days in Blackpool Victoria Hospital on ward C, and wish to thank, most sincerely, the consultant, doctors, physiotherapists, and everyone involved in my care, for their expertise.

We should be extremely grateful for our National Health Service.

There’s no free system like it in the world.

Many thanks again to all.

Mrs J Geddes

Whitemoss Avenue


Comedy carpet names

Add clowns

When it was first set out the council considered it 
worthwhile to include the names of the resident clowns from The Tower, Mooky and Mr Boo, on the Comedy Carpet – situated opposite Blackpool Tower.

For some unexplained reason they were removed – even though they have performed there for many years (Mooky for more than 20 years), and entertained millions of people over this time.

Also, they have been partly responsible for ensuring Blackpool has benefited 
greatly from the influx of visitors they have helped to bring in.

As the carpet is currently undergoing renovation work, is this not the perfect opportunity to reinstate them, as they have given, give and will continue to give so much pleasure to so many people?

Ms Sylvia J Mason