Letters - October 17, 2013

SEA VIEW One reader is asking what is happening to the sand and sea defences in St Annes
SEA VIEW One reader is asking what is happening to the sand and sea defences in St Annes
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Sea is encroaching

High tides

Can anyone help me solve a question I have regarding St Annes sea defences?

We have lived here since 1986 and I feel sure there used to be ‘at least’ three or four levels at the base of the sea wall.

I notice now there is only one level left, and even that is covered with sand and debris after a high tide.

What does this actually mean for St Annes in the future?

Is the sea encroaching leaving us liable to floods, or is the opposite happening and land is being built up? Tides rarely came anywhere near the sea wall back then unless it was high spring tides.

During the summer months you used to walk a half mile (at high tide) to reach the sea, now the tide comes within a few yards of the wall all the time.

When the new lifeboat station was opened adults were able to walk under the slipway now it would be difficult for a dog to go under. Anyone with any ideas?

If anyone has any pictures of the sea wall from the pier down to the slope close to Beach Terrace Café I would be really interested.

Sue Toomer

St Annes

Disco dance support

Great total

Thank you for your support of my disco dance in Bank Hey Street which took place last Saturday(Gazette, October 14).

It was a wonderful afternoon, well above expectation.

The collection amounted to more than £1,200 in aid of Cancer Research.

Alan Houghton

Bloomfield Road


Dog fouling calls

No interest

I am a responsible dog owner, always cleaning up after my dog despite being disabled and having to use a mobility scooter.

I feel if you cannot clean up after your pet, you should not own one.

After seeing a fit man let his dog foul on an area of grass where children play, plus outside his own flat, I phoned the council only to be told to call another number, which I did.

After telling the lady who answered what I had seen, she asked me to find the flat number and phone back.

After a good many attempts, I got through only to be told the lady was busy and to leave a message.

But no-one phoned back.

I thought I was being a good citizen to report this but why bother when council staff are not at all interested?

However, I will still clean up after my dog.

Geoff Mann


New bus service

Red Rocket

My husband and I have just got home after spending a most enjoyable day at the Trafford Centre in Manchester.

Cost of transport? £8 for the two of us.

Thank you Red Rocket for your excellent service.

We used the two for one offer in your paper.

No driving, no using petrol and comfy seating.

We wish you well and would recommend the Red Rocket to anyone.

We certainly will use it again.

Name and address 

Unfair on James


I am writing in response to the article about the Body Piercing Clinic run by James Woods (Gazette, October 8).

Is the council trying to damage his long-standing business and excellent reputation?

My friends and family have gone to James for the past 12 years if they ever wanted their ears pierced.

I can assure you James is thoroughly professional and his clinic is completely spotless.

I feel Blackpool Council is being unfair to the point of victimising him.

There are so many dogdy piercing places about, but this is not one of the m.

Caryn Dickson

Newton Drive


Fostering campaign

Urgent need

I am writing on behalf of the 1,250 children in the North West that urgently need loving foster homes.

The country is currently experiencing a shortage of 9,000 foster carers.

After a difficult start in life I was fostered as a child.

I’ve gone on to have success in the financial sector and now invest in and assist start-up businesses across the world, though your readers may know me from TV’s Dragons’ Den.

It’s why I’m supporting Action for Children’s Fostering Myth Busting Academy, and the charity’s drive to find loving foster parents for vulnerable children and young people who urgently need
 stable homes in the North West.

Foster carers play a crucial role in society yet Action for Children found that one in 10 people have misconceptions about what fostering is .

It also found that one in three people believe if you live in rented accommodation, are unemployed or are gay you can’t foster – all are

I would urge readers to visit Action for Children’s website at actionforchildren.org.uk 
to find out more about fostering.

Richard Farleigh