Letters - October 17, 2012

The Samuel Fletcher Lifeboat, being stored at the sea cadets base in Bispham, which has fallen into a state of disrepair.
The Samuel Fletcher Lifeboat, being stored at the sea cadets base in Bispham, which has fallen into a state of disrepair.
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I ATTENDED a meeting of the Motor Neurone Association when the guest speaker was Barry Hall from the Civic Trust.

He showed us pictures, both black and white and colour, of the Samuel Fletcher lifeboat.

It was a story to capture the imagination of both young and old.

Our young ones could listen to the story of its wonderful life and be full of pride.

We were told there is no hope for the lifeboat as it needs thousands of pounds spent on restoring it, and it is unfortunately stuck in the car park of Bispham Sea Cadets.

On opening my Gazette, there was the Samuel Fletcher again, this time with an appeal from a gentleman called Bruce Allen, for people like him who thought this should be a cause for us to take on board.

I hope people are responding to Mr Allen.

We have a great deal to be proud of here in Blackpool, and let us show the world what we are capable of. If you think I could help, here I am.


St Annes Road,

South Shore

IT’S that time of year again,the painful period when the energy companies register dirty great big profits and spend chunks of it trying to convince us they are justified in ripping us all off. All the major companies that monopolise household energy supplies hunt for monopoly profits in a pack, and have done so since price controls were abolished in 2002 after privatisation.

The theory presented to the public is that free market competition holds down prices as well as boosting efficiency and investments is rubbish, with prices more than double since 2004.

Britain squandered its North Sea gas reserves by burning gas to make electricity in the 1980s, building gas power stations to generate electricity during the miners strike against pit closures, but also made great profits.

Reserves that should have lasted 200 years were burned in 30.

Only when the industry is returned to public ownership will its priority become providing adequate supplies of heating and lighting to everyone rather than pandering to corporate greed which leaves millions out in the cold.


Beryl Avenue,


I WENT to Stanley Park and had a lovely day.

There was music in the bandstand for the youngsters.

Also the flowers were still in bloom considering the weather we have had, they were lovely.

I went into the cafe and had a nice meal, music in there for the elderly.

It was very nice to listen while we ate, good clean toilets, so well done Stanley Park for giving us much pleasure.

Keep it up, I’ll be back.


East Pines Drive,