Letters - October 15, 2014

AIRPORT ANGER One correspondent has urged people to help fight to save the Blackpool Airport from closure
AIRPORT ANGER One correspondent has urged people to help fight to save the Blackpool Airport from closure
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Airport closure

Travel tax

I write to express my opinion on the unbelievable and appalling forthcoming closure of Blackpool Airport. I am angry and disgusted.

We all pay taxes to our councils, while those of us who fly out of the airport pay £10 EACH, which was “supposed” to enhance the airport and improve it.

My family have paid more than £250 this year up to now, and we are just a family going on holiday. My two neighbours have paid more than £80, and if you times that by the number of other people flying out then where, just where, has our money gone then? What have they done with it? We thought we were paying it to help secure the airport’s future.

A more blatant “could not care less” policy I have yet to witness.

How have the council not done something to secure the sale; to obtain a possible extension of time in which to organise the purchase of the airport; to contact businesses far and wide to see if they could obtain a sale; to do something to take it on themselves and run it properly for profit for the town.

They appear to have no care for the business lost to people struggling to keep a livelihood going in the resorts; no care for all those who will lose their jobs at the airport – families who have children to support – mortgages to pay. No care for those of us who regularly use the Airport, and now we will be faced with huge taxi fares to get to and from Manchester – £100 I was quoted this week for one return trip.

No care for the likes of those who use the Airport commercially, for such as ferrying to and fro those who work on the rigs etc.

Why are we all allowing this to happen? Are we so apathetic we are just going to let them all get away with this and ride “roughshod” over all of us?

Come on people, stand up for ourselves and those who stand to lose their jobs; Lobby the councils, your MP, Richard Branson to buy the thing (I’ve done this already – hope he’s listening) and anyone else you can think of.

Come on people do something. What’s 10 minutes of your time to write a letter, compared to losing this wonderful local asset?

C Hedges

St Annes

Council ding-dong

Hard work

I really do wish Peter Elliott would check his facts before making such dogmatic generalisations about the Conservative Party, and insulting the members of the party like he did in his latest letter.

Like me and countless other party members, Peter Anthony (our next Blackpool South MP) is a “working man”. He runs a successful small business, which he has tirelessly worked for years to build up. I also work long hours in my job as a nurse, as well as serving my council duties, so I find Mr Elliott’s crass remarks very insulting.

The Conservatives are the true party of hard-working people, and the Prime Minister’s speech just proved this further, with long-awaited tax cuts for low and middle earners. The comments about minimum wage being £1.50 under the Conservatives are just plain nonsense.

As for the millionaire class-warring comments; last time I checked, many of Miliband’s Shadow Cabinet, including Miliband and Balls themselves, were millionaires.

Peter Anthony rightly pointed to Labour’s catastrophic mismanagement of our economy and leaving this country with the massive deficit which is now being tackled by the Government and I thank them for putting this country back on the right track.

Coun Christian Cox

Squires Gate Ward

Music festival

Town in tune

I am writing to offer due praise and thanks to all those involved in the Blackpool Music Festival, which took place over the weekend.

Jon Bamborough, who is the founder and main organiser of this annual event, works tirelessly and at his own expense, bringing creative musicians and singers together travelling from all over the UK and beyond.

This not-for-profit event relies on local business sponsorships and generous offers of time and talents pulling together.

Although this project is currently a small, fringe-type music annual festival, I believe Blackpool has the potential to develop its arts and culture with an aim of reaching out to a greater number of people who for whatever reason have never visited the resort.

Last November, the four days of Bob Dylan concerts attracted in the region of 12,000 fans. With the recent success of Let It Be at the Opera House, this demonstrates that town has the capacity to re-invent itself to new generations of families , young and ‘vintage’

Stephen Pierre

Licensee, The Galleon Bar, Blackpool

UKIP success

After shock

The earthquake we started by winning the European elections in May continues following the election of our first MP, Douglas Carswell in the by-election at Clacton and second place in Heywood, missing out by just 617 votes in the Labour stronghold.

The results have thrown Labour and the Conservatives into panic as the reality of the consequences sink in. There will be another by-election in a few weeks’ time, and we are currently nine points ahead in the once safe Tory seat of Rochester and Strood.

UKIP is the only party that will change the face of British politics. The others had their chances but continually failed to deliver, which is why they are now paying the price, you can’t fool the people forever!

Philip Griffiths

North West President, 
UK Independence Party