Letters- October 13,2011

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IN reply to the article on the replacement of street lighting in Blackpool (The Gazette October 8), whereby lampposts are being installed in George Street which is due for redevelopment.

I wonder if it had not been for the residents bringing it to the attention of councillors, would they have noticed it then?

Would it not be a good gesture for Coun Jackson and others involved to contribute some of their expenses allowances to the tax payers kitty to help rectify this mistake?

I bet not. Your decisions seem to get worse Coun Jackson.


Preston New Road,


RECENTLY we flew from Blackpool one Sunday morning at 7am.

We arrived at the airport at 5.45am to find the queue for check in was at the entrance to the airport.

We joined the queue and eventually checked in but then we had to join a further queue to pay our £10 in order to go through security. This queue was twice as long as the check in queue so by this time it was now 6.15am.

The desks were due to close 40 minutes before take off, which they did, but the queue to obtain this £10 ticket was twice as long (bearing in mind Jet2 had two flights out about the same time).

We were still in this queue at 6.40am.

There are two machines available. On this occasion there was one working so in order to try and get this flight out on time a member of Jet2 came to help.

Unfortunately after a short time this machine was unable to accept card payments so people were having to go to a cash point in order to obtain money.

As the member of Jet2 staff pointed out it was not really their responsibility to help people, but in order to get this flight out on time she was very helpful. Looking around the airport we could not see any airport staff around until we eventually arrived through security.

Our flight was being called for boarding as we entered the departure lounge. Some people we spoke to had been these queues since 5.30am. I would like to know where these £10 go, it obviously is not used to improve the service at the airport


Inskip Place,

St Annes

THE saga of the Illuminations fund has continued with too much wind and no action.

Sponsorship boxes re-introduced and placed on the counters of every business in our resort is surely a must idea and it seems sensible to attract big sponsors as Beaverbrooks and MacDonalds has proved with their lights section.

There are surely more who would be interested knowing the amount of visitors travelling through, but charge visitors? No!

The illuminations didn’t become popular and famous through charging a fee and such a move would definitely kill it.

While it may be worthwhile charging admission for the switch on concert alone, a £1 admission was mentioned but we all know it wouldn’t stay that amount for long and before you know it, the price would shoot up to a tenner, then £20.

I’m sure the 2012 lights will be back on form again after being a victim of unfortunate circumstances this year.


Ashton Road,


THE south Blackpool branch of the Royal British Legion are now preparing for their 2011 Poppy Appeal campaign.

Help, however, is urgently needed in the way of manning stalls in the supermarkets and delivering/collecting poppies to shops etc.

The dates for supermarkets being November 7 to 12, and for delivering commencing October 24.

If anyone can spare a few hours please contact the Poppy Appeal organiser, Mrs Judith Jones on (01253) 621191.

Please note I am referring to the south area of the town.


Hon Secretary,

South Blackpool branch of the Royal British Legion

MAY I thank all those people who donated so generously to the RSPCA Blackpool and North Lancs to support our local animal centre at Division Lane.

The store collection was held at Sainsburys on Saturday September 17. All the staff at the store were very kind and extremely helpful. I would also like to thank all those volunteers who collected so tirelessly in order to raise the money which is so desperately needed to continue funding the building programme at our new centre in Stalmine.

Customers gave generously by placing items of food in the trolley and by donating £303.72 in cash into our collection tins. As well as helping to progress our building programme the funds will also help to support the many abandoned, abused and neglected animals entrusted into our care.


RSPCA Blackpool and North Lancs