Letters - October 12, 2016

Land corner of Central Drive and Rigby Road
Land corner of Central Drive and Rigby Road
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Visitors are given a bad first impression

Shirley Matthews points out that things are looking brighter (Your Say, Gazette, October 10) and that the roundabout at the end of the M55 into Blackpool is a sad sight since the removal of the fun sculpture – I believe some motorist mounted the roundabout and wrecked it, with the council stating it would cost too much to replace.

While I agree with the points Shirley makes, there are many other areas, too, the council seem to ignore. Take, for instance, the corner across from Rigby Road, adjoining Central Drive, where a heap of dilapidated fencing looks horrible and as many coaches pass by, you wonder what visitors must think.

Not forgetting the many properties on Central Drive, a regular coach route the council seem to turn a blind eye to. I understand that if properties are left to fester, the council can step in to warn owners to tidy up. A procedure that should be in force.

Don’t forget the hideous central car park ex-coach station by the football stadium – it’s not just had it’s day, but never really had one!

With the new Foxhall Village estate still not complete, when it is, residents won’t want the view of that wooden eyesore on the opposite corner. I don’t think that council representatives see what we see around local areas, only the main tourist hubs that are mainly fine, but coming in 
and out of Blackpool... the scene is so bad it makes me cringe with embarrassment! The thing is, the council keep stating that they’re hard up, but in the next breath they’re either buying some land or wanting to build hotels, so what’s that all about?

Clifford Chambers

Ashton Road



Stephen deserves much more praise

Blackpool, it has to be said, has produced its fair share of entrepreneurs over the years. So how refreshing to see one man keeping alive this tradition.

Stephen Pierre loves Blackpool and despite the fact he lives out of town, goes out of his way to promote the resort and visits whenever he can. His venue, the Galleon keeps alive the live music tradition and gives a vehicle to allow anyone to perform live and gain vital performance experience on the ‘Open Mic Nights’.

This weekend he has been using his talents to run the Blackpool Music Festival. Having been to both days’ events, the standard of talent on show has been stunning. The youngest performer on show was only 11 years old, and certainly one to look out for in the future.

The whole event was free of charge for the two days, and Stephen also put on an after-event party at the Galleon. Stephen has given a considerable amount of time and effort to make the event a success, and all the performers donated their time and services free of charge as well.

The whole festival was put for the benefit of raising money for Street Life, who this year have seen a reduction in their funding. This is not the only good cause Stephen has supported this year, on his regular returns to the resort, Stephen has given up his time to play in St John’s Square to raise money for Trinity Hospice.

He also takes young performers under his wing and provides them with opportunities, as well as giving, them, singing, guitar and piano tuition. He runs a successful business, but still finds time to help the town he loves whenever he can.

With more support from the local television and radio media, this year’s festival would have seen even more money raised for a very worthy cause. Well done Stephen and thank you.

Stephen Vickers

Carisbrooke Avenue



Is Manchester as deluded as resort?

With reference to Jack Gledhill’s response (Your Say, September 28) to my letter (Your Say, September 24), there is only one point worth commenting on.

He says “inland tramways were terminated because of congestion all those years ago”. They were terminated because short-sighted people running our cities knew nothing of climate change, and thought the thing to do was fill our streets with buses spewing out their filthy diesel fumes, rather than have environmentally friendly trams.

I have no children of my own, but if I did I would be very concerned about their future.

Manchester city centre thankfully now has trams on most of its streets and the traffic appears to be flowing fine. And they go right into both main stations, Piccadilly and Victoria.

But no doubt they are as deluded as Blackpool Council.

Howard Kay

Queens Promenade



A case of lyre, lyre, and Rome’s on fire

Dr Barry Clayton (Your Say, October 8), is correct in saying “Nero did NOT fiddle while Rome burned”.

According to the history books which I read, the instrument which he actually played was in fact a LYRE.

Malcolm Boyce

via email


Royal Mail is a model of postal efficiency

At the weekend I received a postcard posted by my friend while on holiday in the South of France on July 18!

A month ago, while in Southern Italy, I posted four cards to members of my family and none have yet arrived! Thank goodness for the efficiency of our own Royal Mail postal service.

Jim Oldcorn

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