Letters - October 11, 2017

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Young need more than just boost for cadets

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has announced 31 new cadet units in state schools, saying cadet training units improve attendance and educational achievement.

Since 2012, £100m has gone into military education programmes, and yet, non-military services and facilities for the young, have been decimated, with education in a funding crisis.

Teaching and support staff have been cut, funding on equipment for 16 to 19 year olds devastated, outside school youth clubs cut and children’s mental health services cut some £50m from 2010 to 2015.

Oddly though the MOD’s own documents show the advancement of military education with cadet expansion is motivated by the military action agenda, to increase uncritical support for the military, their operations and to boost recruitment.

Kids don’t need a cadet force to try to mould them into controlled, obedient and patriotic citizens. They need support from proper qualified professional teaching staff. We must be concerned with the direction in which education and youth work is going. A growing socio-economic chasm and calls to fill the ranks of the military from our schools do not bear much promise for a new generation equipped to the modern world and respond to the challenges it faces.

Why can’t we all, instead of pushing militaristic conformity, be investing in education, mental health facilities and youth work that will support young people to think critically, innovatively and ethically.

Royston Jones



Capitalism will always collapse

It is inspiring to be mentioned in Christian Cox’s ‘chronicles’ (Your Say, October 9). I must point out however his ignorance of political history as he quotes budget deficits from the last labour government were caused by Labour economic policy!

Sadly I must advise him that it was the collapse yet again of capitalist forces, known as the Sub Prime Mortgage scandal, with the banking virus spreading around the world in 2008.

Brexit is another debacle that causes chaos and antipathy throughout government; surely Cameron would wind the clock back now as Brexit continues to cause dissent among Tory ranks.

With their leaders flip flopping around their manifesto, these uncertainties sent the chill wind that grounded Theresa May at their ill-fated conference last week.

By cribbing many of Labour’s policies she let down her cabinet. Her speech was however enjoyed by many for the satirical content!

Coun Cox must learn lessons of recent political history, when their former Prime Minister, Maggie Thatcher, was seriously wounded by friendly fire, and was forced out of office, as her policies for the country could no longer be sustained through her free market big bang Champagne quaffing capitalists!

Let us not forget Black Wednesday when the Tory government was forced to withdraw from the European Exchange rate mechanism, after being unable to keep the pound to the agreed lower limit in the ERM.

In 2005 the Treasury estimated the cost of Black Wednesday at £ 3.4bn.

Coun Cox’s reference of a Corbyn piggy bank may become an attribute as we know looking after the pennies means the pounds will grow!

History has a nasty habit of repeating itself, as the long knives of May’s disruptive cabinet are out again.

Lack of judgement on austerity cuts, affecting only the poor, make a mockery of a strong and stable government. Coun Cox, capitalism will always collapse every few years - it is a known fact!

Roy Lewis

Labour Party


Choice of ‘nasty’

or ‘deluded’

Margaret Thatcher had two flagship policies – a share-owning democracy and a home-owning democracy.

Both have been abject failures.

This is because she ignored the fact that we are all basically greedy.

At the earliest opportunity, the great British public flogged off their newly acquired assets for a quick profit.

Now, most of our infrastructure is owned by foreign companies (state and private), or hedge funds (whatever these are).

And a lot of council houses are now owned by buy-to-let landlords, and have been rebranded as “social housing”.

The consequence is that the UK now pays the highest prices in Europe for all manner of essentials, from energy to transport to water to rents.

I’m sure most of us just want capitalism with social responsibility and a social conscience, I suspect, much like Germany. But I doubt if we’ll ever get it. We are doomed to a two-party state, and have the choice between the “nasty” party and the “deluded” party.

R Spreadbury

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Death of caged 
cat was ‘horrific’

What an horrific story about the cat left to starve to death in an abandoned cat cage (The Gazette, October 7).

The sick owner responsible for this outrage should be caged themselves.