Letters - October 11, 2013

1st Bispham Girls Brigade which is holding a farewell service after closing down.
1st Bispham Girls Brigade which is holding a farewell service after closing down.
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Farewell service

Join us

Earlier this year, after 42 years, and much thought and heart-searching, our Girls’ Brigade Company closed.

Over the years there have been many captains, officers, helpers and supporters, and of course the girls themselves - most of whom are now grown up with children of their own; gone off to university or college; or now working out of the Blackpool area.

We wish to thank everyone who played any part in the company for their hard work and dedication.

To mark this we are holding a special Farewell and Thanksgiving Service at 9.30am on Sunday November 3, at All Hallows Church, Bispham, followed by coffee and lunch.

We wish to invite anyone who was involved with Girls’ Brigade to join us, and it would be appreciated if you could let me know, as soon as possible, so catering can be arranged.

We look forward to seeing you, and hopefully with some photos so that we can enjoy reminiscing.

Janet Pendlebury
(last Captain)

Tel 351319 or 07784978849

Was passenger ok?

Let us know

Me, my partner, son, daughter and niece visited Blackpool on June 15 this year.

On our way to the front we stopped off at a local supermarket on the High Street.

Upon exiting the supermarket we went on our way but a few yards up the road we noticed a red car about to drive off after the driver dropped the passenger off near the hairdressers.

Unknown to the driver the passenger’s coat was trapped in the car door and she drove off dragging the passenger upon which she stopped and opened her door to release the coat.

Now my partner went to stay with the lady until the ambulance came, then promptly departed as soon as he was relieved by paramedics.

Now we have heard nothing from either the driver or the passenger since despite me giving her our names and addresses.

I wondered is it possible to try and find this lady as we want to know how she is.

Miss C.L. Hodgins and Mr C.P. Hicklin


Sorry for head teacher


Regarding the recent events at Revoe school, children always get the benefit of the doubt (Gazette October 8).

I feel so sorry for this headteacher. She wasn’t even on duty.

It is so awful for her to have to go through this.

Name and address

Blue line getting thinner

Police cuts

We are told Lancashire Police are being hit by harsh austerity cuts.

This means police and police staff could lose jobs.

Also there are cuts to the police in Scotland with 65 police stations (public counters) to close down.

This could also mean a loss of jobs.

I read in the newspapers there is to be an elite force set up (super agents) recruited from colleges and schools costing £450m.

It will be like the FBI in America, called the National Crime Agency.

They will be fighting crime in cyberspace on a world wide computer network.

We are becoming a computer led society and losing the human touch.

Some of the public would just like to see more police on the ground.

The blue line will be getting thinner and this will be a gift to the criminals.

Mrs P O’Connor

Portland Road


Fall at hospital

Came to aid

A very big thankyou to all who came to help me when I had a fall in Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

The nurses were all great, not forgetting the young doctor and the off-duty nurse with the little boy.

Also, thanks for getting a taxi to get my 90-year-old friend home who was with me, and to the taxi driver who brought me home.

I am very grateful to you all.

Mrs G. Thompson


Payday lenders crackdown

Too weak

Tim Gavell’s business page article (Gazette October 4) mentions the new ‘payday lender crackdown’.

The problem is the government backed Financial Conduct Authority that is planning this new regulation, does not take effect until next summer.

It is too weak and will take too long to implement, leaving lenders with months to enjoy a multi-million pound bonanza exploiting those in greatest need.

In Bolton, a successful local campaign involving football fans, trades unionists and local politicians gained huge support and successfully persuaded the local team Bolton Wanderers to drop payday loans companies from its
shirt sponsor earlier this

Campaigns like this show what can be done with people working together.

Royston Jones