Letters - October 10, 2014

Jose Gomez (front) with Errol Flynn (left) at the Imperial Hotel.
Jose Gomez (front) with Errol Flynn (left) at the Imperial Hotel.
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Death of head waiter


For many years Mr Jose Gomez, who died last week, was the head waiter at the Imperial Hotel, Blackpool. (Gazette, October 7).

He later went on to work at most of Blackpool’s leading hotels but it was at the Imperial, and more specifically, The Louis Room Restaurant where he was most at home.

He was the epitome of professionalism, he was always on the ball and always knew what was happening in his restaurant.

As a young trainee chef in 1979 I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor.

Mr Gomez treated everyone with the utmost respect.

Everyone from Prime Ministers to kitchen porters and even trainee chefs like myself.

I never learned anything about waiting on from Mr Gomez but I did learn about being a man, and having respect for people.

I never heard anyone say a bad word about Mr Gomez in the 35 years I knew him and I also never heard him talk badly about anyone either.

He was, in a word, a gentleman.

For years after we had parted company professionally, I used to see him every few weeks and he always had time for a little chat and always remembered the little things like the name of my kids and he often comment about something I had said in council or in the paper.

I didn’t see Mr Gomez in the last few years but his son Carl has kept me up to date with his activities since leaving Blackpool a few years ago to return to his home town.

Blackpool has always been a town of characters and there have been many people who could lay claim to the title of Mr Blackpool. Stanley Matthews, Charlie Cairoli and in more recent times Geoffrey Thompson and John Herdman but for me, Mr Gomez will be always be Mr Blackpool.

Rest in Peace Mr Gomez.

Jon Bamborough

Maitland Avenue


Do up empty properties

Hotel cash

I am disgusted the council will borrow millions of pounds to back a hotel that is neither needed or appropriate when there are plenty of empty properties that could be renovated and brought up to five star standard, and then fail to step in and take action to save the airport.

Both of the council’s recent actions will have an adverse effect on tourism, and therefore the town.

If they want to attract visitors they should build a conference centre, and help improve the quality of the existing holiday accommodation stock.

We have many Promenade, and town centre hotels boarded up and falling into decay.

If Holiday Inn want to come into town, they could and should fund it themselves .

Finally the councillors should remember who they work for.

A good place to start is by supporting Blackpool and its businesses and try to remember the town depends on tourism for survival .

C. Taylor

South Shore

Trying to find Rita

Lost friend

I have been trying to find a long lost friend who comes from Blackpool .

Rita Jessop and I both did our nurse training at Chorley hospital in the spring of 1961.

We were very good friends but we have lost contact. Rita lived with her parents in Poulton. I hope she still has some relatives in the area who know where she now lives. She will know me by my maiden name Nuala Walsh.

Mrs M.Clark

Westcliffe on Sea


01702 348196

Fire hydrants

Easy access

Regarding cars parked over fire hydrants (Gazette,
 October 6). It beggars belief in this day and age we still have fire hydrants under the pavements. In Australia all fire hydrants stand three feet above ground giving easy access to them as well as a faster time connecting hose.

Time we moved forward.

John Welsby

Links Road

Knott End

Top Blackpool show

Fab-ulous night

I felt I could not let the fantastic Beatles show Let It Be leave town without penning a few words of praise.

There are plenty of people who will moan that Blackpool does not have great shows 
anymore. Utter tripe!

With the continued popularity of Legends, Mamma Mia! in the summer and now this, there’s your proof , if ever it were needed, that Blackpool can still put on one heck of a night.

Let It Be is two hours of sheer joy from start to finish with top notch musicianship which does the Fab Four proud.

The atmosphere in the Opera House was brilliant.

You can’t really fail with such a monumental back catalogue, but the four lads (plus the keyboard player) in the cast are sensational performers who all deserve to take a bow.

The show finishes on Sunday. My advice is, if you haven’t seen it yet, hurry up and get a Ticket To Ride!

Brian Kay


North Yorkshire