Letters - November 9, 2015

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It makes me proud to see the volunteers

Three weeks ago I was asked to attend the Town Hall and join a group from the Guide Dogs committee and many more willing to go from North to South Pier, escorted by the Scout Group from Grange Park, this walk taken to raise funds.

The room we were in was packed with the beautiful and well-behaved dogs, their owners and helpers, all keen to take part in raising money and doing it themselves.

The Mayor, Coun Peter Callow, when he attended our Scouts’ AGM was told about this. Unable to attend on the night, he set the wheels in motion the next day and we were up and running (must admit I was not taking the walk, just enjoying everyone’s cheerful company and then setting them all off from the Town Hall steps).

A night like this makes one proud of how, when things are needed, there is always someone ready to give up time and effort, encourage others to join in, the public to donate, and I went home feeling glad once again that I can be a part of these efforts and meet these lovely people.

The front of the Town Hall was just the place to set them off from. Thank you Jane and Denise for keeping everyone supplied with the welcome cuppa, and thank you all the people, who I am sure have raised a good sum, and, of course, thanks to Grange Park Scouts and all the people donating who were admiring the walkers, as well as enjoying the illuminations.

Coun Lily Henderson MBE



MPs should stand up for us against EU

Monday’s Gazette reported that Fylde’s three Conservative MP’s all voted AGAINST the proposal to remove the five per cent VAT levied on “non-essential luxury items” – the “tampon tax”.

I suggest this is gutless hypocrisy. They say they will fight the corner in Europe because Britain is not allowed to introduce a zero rate of VAT on its own.

Mark Menzies’ remarks contained the key statement “...you cannot reduce VAT to zero without agreement from the 28 member states of the European Union”, and this was reinforced by Mr Maynard’s statement “...our problem is that we can’t do it off our own back – we need unanimity with all states”. Well chaps, good luck with that – have you not noticed that British MEPs have been unable to prevent the majority (over 80 per cent) of proposals they have opposed in the EU Parliament being passed anyway?

Our local Conservative MPs want to have their cake and eat it too – they would rather upset their voters than upset their party. They were not prepared to vote for the proposal at home, but they are happy to take the matter to Europe where it can be buried and the other 27 countries can take the blame. Remember, all three MPs have supported further EU integration and are members of a party whose leader has stated his commitment to the EU.

There is only one way to regain our sovereignty and to ensure our elected officials are held accountable, and that way is to leave the EU and take control of our own destiny. As for “renegotiation” – seriously? The government can’t even control a five per cent tax on “non-essential luxury items”!

(Incidentally, when did the independent countries of Europe become “states” – part of that “softening up” process for when the European Union becomes the “United States of Europe”?).

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Are we giving control to China?

While holding the referendum for the nation’s opinion on whether we should be in or out of the EU, wouldn’t it be interesting to also ask if we want to hand over control of our steel and nuclear power industries to The People’s Republic of China?

Penny Ebden

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Christmas comes earlier each year

It seems we are being bombarded with Christmas adverts on TV.

With all this commercialised build-up, it’s no wonder people get depressed when all the hype is gone and then we are subjected to countless adverts for holidays abroad and furniture sales.

It is depressing to see shops clearing out stock to make room for Christmas items at the end of August, and then it seems to kick off in September. By the time it arrives, we are fed up with it.

I think that if the shops and TV started their seasonal campaign at the beginning of December, it would be much more appropriate and would get people into the true spirit of the occasion, making it more magical and not just a buying frenzy.


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Why I had to laugh at Friends of the Earth

As a former Friends of the Earth supporter, I am appalled at their advert about fracking in the papers this week.

As a geologist, I have laughed long and hard at the confusion of Friends of the Earth. That was amplified by Tony Bosworth who, when speaking on BBC TV, claimed the silica used in fracking will give cancer.

This was another face-palming moment, as our Fylde beaches are made up sand, which is over 93 per cent silica. At times the wind whips up the sand and if you are nearby, you will breathe in this silica-sand.

I can assure you I haven’t got cancer and I think I am still alive. Granted in the wrong concentration silica or sand is a risk, but the claim of Friends of the Earth is scaremongering nonsense.

The logic of their position is to remove all the the sand and replace it with tarmac.

Michael Roberts