Letters - November 8, 2012

Looking at one of the slashed tyres on Ledbury Road, Blackpool, are from left, Angela Wolstencroft, Stuart Grimes and Steven Addy.
Looking at one of the slashed tyres on Ledbury Road, Blackpool, are from left, Angela Wolstencroft, Stuart Grimes and Steven Addy.
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THE article ‘Neighbours’ Anger Over Tyre Rampage’ (Gazette October 31) painted a totally false picture of Grange Park.

This was raised at the PACT meeting on Thursday night.

It was believed the culprits were teenagers from Horsebridge Road flats cutting through to cause trouble.

But the Horsebridge Road flats contain between 80 and 85 per cent elderly and disabled people, and half of the flats are warden controlled.

There are no teenagers living in the Horsebridge Road flats.

The police admitted the teenagers were not from Horsebridge Road and were not even from Grange Park, but they were from a different area of the town.

Why then is it that every time something bad occurs, people jump up and put the blame on Grange Park?

I am trying to get the message through that Grange Park today is not like it was in the 1960s.

We have evolved, improved and it is an area we can be proud of.



Grange Park Community Partnership

I AM writing to congratulate Coun Simon Blackburn (Gazette November 3) on his forthright and honest appraisal of Blackpool.

Although not a Blackpool resident myself, I went to school there (my kids still do) and I have followed its football team for years.

Coun Blackburn, like many of us, has clearly identified the root cause of the problem and something most of the community have been aware of for many years but dare not speak.

In simple terms, Blackpool has become the social security capital of Britain. As the adverts say in some regional papers: “Why be on the dole in Glasgow when you can be on the dole in Blackpool”.

There are many, many ways Blackpool can be improved, none of which will happen overnight but, as with alcoholism or any other problem, the first thing you have to do is look in the mirror and admit you have a problem.

Coun Blackburn took that brave stance last week and, although I am a staunch Conservative, I for one have offered my support.





THE wheelie bins on the back alley between Sutherland Road and Bedford Road, North Shore, are emptied on Tuesdays, they haven’t been gone half an hour before the black bags are out.

The whole alley is stinking with smelly rubbish.

The neighbours keep telephoning in and the council take some of it and leave the rest behind.

The weeds are growing all over the place and there is dog mess as well.

When is the council going to do something about it?