Letters - November 7, 2017

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I’m sick of all these
old assault allegations

I am honestly sick of the now daily stories of people coming forward to say they have been sexually assaulted usually by celebrities.

The latest, Kevin Spacey, is so accused of an incident it is claimed happened 30 years ago.

In fact nearly every case goes back donkey’s years. Even the Weinstein case features women who claim they were assaulted years ago.

Sir Edward Heath, who has been dead these many years, has been under suspicion - with no way to even defend himself.

My question is why has it taken these so-called victims so long to report incidents? And why are the only individuals chiefly famous people?

For the record I myself was assaulted in my teens at the back of a famous Blackpool hotel but did I report it. Of course not.

Finally I read of a recent case where someone was accused for merely putting a hand on another’s, though thankfully I believe this was dismissed by the courts.




Peaceful haven... after months of hell

May I send a sincere thank you to certain members, both male and female, of Lancashire Police, Blackpool Council adult services, also a well respected and successful business woman in the town.

By their combined efforts I’ve been removed from 18 months of hell to a peaceful haven in a new safe home.

It wouldn’t be proper to name them here, but if they read this, they will know full well who they are.

Michael Carr



Congestion is all link would achieve

What a waste of money a tram line up Talbot Road would be.

With only a small percentage of residents living on the prom, and most holidaymakers arriving by car, all it would achieve is yet more congestion on a promenade that was transformed from a free-flowing dual carriageway into a nightmare obstacle course.

Tony king

Valentina road


We’re local and we’re not moving!

If Messrs Green, Whittle and Menzies went up to the fracking site they would discover that the majority of the protesters are local people.

They would also see for themselves the devastation, noise and fumes caused by this industrial site.

Mark Menzies is right to be concerned about the minimum of 200 sites that are also planned for his constituency.

Local people have been protesting on the roadside since January and we are not giving up.

We even go at weekends and give out information, tea and cakes at Maple Farm Community Hub on Saturday mornings. Come and talk to a local, see for yourself, get a true picture not a politically altered view.

Mrs A Fielding

Clarendon Road
St Annes


I’ll be voting 
with my feet

When a group of National Trust members recently put forward a motion calling for the charity to stop fox, hare and stag hunts from illegally killing animals on Trust land under the cover of trail hunting, exempt hunting or exercising hounds, the motion failed by 299 votes.

The Trust effectively swung the decision, by using discretionary votes given by some members, to rule against the motion – thus allowing 67 hunts to continue hunting on Trust land.

The trustees ignored 400 pages of evidence of illegal hunting and advised members to vote against the proposal.

This is at odds with Trust claims of being “open to people’s views, needs and suggestions” and of not “saying one thing and doing another” or of “sticking with the status quo and never pushing the boundaries”.

I visit many National Trust properties, and as a non-member, I pay considerably more over the course of a year than I would as a member.

As I couldn’t participate in the official vote, I shall vote with my feet and will not visit a single NT property until they ban this atavistic barbarism.

Others may choose to do likewise.

V.L. Lonsdale

via email


We’d like some new buses too

Re. broken windows on new buses in Cleveleys.

You state nearly all of the customers are looking after their state-of-the-art buses, why don’t they exchange the old buses they send to Lytham for some nice new ones for us?

Mr A Gibson

Pilling Avenue
St Annes

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