Letters - November 6, 2014

Cramped trams during October half-term in Blackpool
Cramped trams during October half-term in Blackpool
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Busy trams

It’s half-term and Blackpool is heaving. Being a resident I should have had more sense than going to town.

It was a lovely sunny day so I thought ‘take a tram to North Pier’, do some shopping then a walk on the Prom and then a tram home for tea.

Bad idea – the tram arrived at Cavendish Road (southbound) and it was busy so by the time we arrived at Gynn Square it was packed.

I stood at the back so I could make a quick exit at North Pier. Next to me 
there was someone who evidently didn’t have a shower that morning if you know what I mean!

After my walk along the Prom, I tried to board at Manchester Square but when the tram arrived it was packed to the gunnels.

I know take a bus – wrong – the council’s ‘anecdotal Promenade roadway’ was stacked back from North Pier to Manchester Square.

I walked onto St Chad’s and managed to get on a very busy tram at the front.

By the time we reached The Tower you can guess – very overcrowded. On arriving at North Pier I watched the enterprising guard get off, walk to the front of the car get back on and tried to work his way down the car attempting to collect fares.

At North Pier it was so very full with a number of elderly standing so if the tram had to stop in an emergency I dread to think what would happen.

Two thoughts went through my mind – are Blackpool Transport Services aware of what they are subjecting their ‘valued’ customers to this week.

Secondly, there are a number of converted double deckers locked up in the depot, so surely if Blackpool Transport Services valued their passengers they would have put these cars into service even just between Pleasure Beach and Bispham to relieve the strain on the Flexity 2 modern trams.

Robert Milner


I used to work on the heritage trams before the new Flexity trams came in service.

Please tell us something new as it has been like this for years.

The only good thing was on the proper trams we, the conductors, controlled who got on and off.

Nigel Morris

(By email)

dentist in the supermarket

Lucrative career

I read with interest the article about a dentist surgery at the new Sainsbury’s store in Blackpool’s Talbot Gateway Central Business District.

Why have we so few NHS dentists in Blackpool?

These dentists do their training in National Health Service hospitals.

When trained, they pursue a lucrative career in private practice.

Private dental care is a complete rip off.


Central Drive


Feed the birds

Winter fears

With dropping temperatures and shorter daylight hours, please remember the birds who visit your garden and have given us so much pleasure throughout the spring and summer.

They need to spend all of the daylight hours feeding themselves in order to keep their little bodies warm through the long cold nights.

You can help our feathered friends achieve this by ensuring there is always fresh food and water available for them.

If you do not have a bird table or tree in your garden, then seed holders, fat balls and bags of peanuts can be hung on your washing line and will be safely out of reach from cats.

Josephine Harwood

Moor Park Avenue


Regent Cinema

Well done

It’s great to see the success of the former Regent Cinema (Gazette, November 5).

Businessman Richard Taylor must be commended on his investment.

He has saved this lovely building and added to the retail offer in the town.