Letters - November 6, 2013

Plans for a new pub on Fleetwood Road North in Thornton have been submitted
Plans for a new pub on Fleetwood Road North in Thornton have been submitted
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Plans to build on land


In response to the article about building go ahead for a new chain pub (Gazette October 28), I am really astounded at Thornton Action Group condoning this.

A spokesman said: “We have had positive feedback from the local community.”

This is not the feedback I have heard.

Do we really need another pub?

There are four or five in the area.

What impressions are we giving youngsters with regard to drinking?

We need these green areas for our children for leisure activities, football etc.

There are going to be no green areas left the way building is progressing.


Anchorsholme Lane


Squadron records

Contact me

Did you serve with 152 (Hyderabad) Squadron at any time between 1939 - 1967, or did your father or grandfather serve with them, if so please get in


I’m hoping to list as many ex-members as I can for new a project in 2014.

So far I have around 600 names listed on my website www.152hyderabad.co.uk.

So if you can help please get in touch.

Please contact me at um152squadron@gmail.com or telephone 01473 251219.

Thank you.

Mr R Rooker

155 Ranelagh Road,



IP2 0AF.

Relax petty rubbish rules

Fly tipping

If as was reported on Countryfile on BBC1, fly tipping is costing the country millions of pounds every week, why not just remove the charges and petty rules regarding permits levied by local waste recycling centres operated by the council?

That way farmers and organisations wouldn’t need to continually battle with all the rubbish dumped on fields, tracks and country lanes, as people could just as easily take the rubbish to their local recycling centre.

The council would also save a packet by not having to send out vans or in some cases lorries to recover the rubbish.

A friend of mine took a few bags of rubbish from his garden in the boot of his car to his recycling centre .

Following the signs on the site, he put six house bricks into a hard-core skip.

Straight away a council employee came and asked him for a payment of £5 for dumping hard-core.

A couple of years ago I took a small trailer of household waste to the local recycling centre in Bristol Avenue in Blackpool and I was told I needed a permit to empty the trailer.

I went to the office to obtain the permit and was asked for all kinds of documents, i.e. proof of my car’s ownership, council tax bill, car insurance, driving license which I went home for and returned with about one hour later.

I was then told that I could purchase a permit for the day (£3) or for the year(£6).

A year permit would only allow me to use the trailer once in a month on Wednesday or at the weekend, while a day’s permit would only allow one use the trailer a single time, again on Wednesday or at the weekend.

What I thought would have been a ‘quick trip to the tip’ took me half a day.

Why am I not surprised that people are fly tipping?


The Cloisters


Switching suppliers

Costs more

The price of gas and electricity is again in the news.

Can you get it cheaper by switching supplier? Dream on! It’s not likely.

I’m a long standing British Gas dual fuel customer.

The price of both fuels has recently gone up - but the company is kindly offering to fix them until March 2016.

Just sign the agreement and mail it back by November 30. Oh goody!But what’s this?

A paragraph on the terms and conditions page states “If you cancel this agreement, for example by switching your supplier before March 31 2016, we may apply a cancellation fee of £50 for electricity and £50 for gas.”

They are in effect saying “Don’t switch - we will make sure it costs you more.”

This is one of the issues mentioned by Energy Minsiter Ed Davey on TV (October 31).

He doesn’t think penalties should apply.

So, if our local MPs are reading this letter, please get on the phone to Ed Davey and tell him that millions of loyal British Gas customers are being threatened in this way.

And ask what he is going to do about !

Name and address supplied

Charity closure

Save it

Regarding the comments made under the heading A Disgrace (Letters November 4), this is one of the best letters I have read in your columns.

As a volunteer for over 25 years at the Adult Support Charity in St Annes, I am equally dismayed by its impending closure and hope that the media coverage may yet save this valuable facility.

Gillian Cantor

by email