Letters - November 6, 2012

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I AM unable to recall a time in the past 50 years when so many young women smoked as at present.

There they are, puffing away in the doorways of retail amd service premises, cafes, public houses, as well as in cars and homes.

Two questions come to mind.

First, how can some of them afford to spend £50 a week if they smoke 10 cigarettes a day?

Secondly, do they think they are exempt from bronchitis, emphysema, heart disease and lung cancer?

It is sometimes said smoking helps to relieve stress.

From personal experience I would say you certainly know what stress is as you stand against an X-ray screen, wondering whether you have a terminal illness.

I would urge all smokers to contact the Blackpool Stop Smoking Service on (01253) 651570.


Park Road


I LIKE to read Steve Canavan’s pieces in The Gazette and enjoy his slant on things.

But how on earth did he get away with the comment he made about Mrs Canavan’s driving?

I know I wouldn’t be so lucky with my wife and I’m a driving instructor.

So Steve, following your comments and fanning the flames even further by saying your driving is perfect you should now prove yourself to your readers (and your partner) in terms of your own driving ability.

I have the perfect solution. What better way to show them that you are the driver you say you are than to have a mock driving test?

As a driving instructor I am offering a (mock) test. We can even do a short “in car” theory test.

So Mr Canavan the challenge is there, dare you take that challenge?



EDITOR: Steve Canavan has happily accepted Mr Bradley’s challenge and will share the outcome with readers.

WE visit St Annes every week and enjoy going to the Pavilion Cafe in Ashton Gardens for our lunch and for an evening weekend meal.

What has prompted me to write was the article in The Gazette regarding the poor lighting.

Why have we no lights along the pathway leading to the entrance? I hope Fylde Council will do something about this problem.


All Hallows Road,