Letters - November 5, 2013

Pictures Martin Bostock'Blackpool Illuminations Switch-On 2013
Pictures Martin Bostock'Blackpool Illuminations Switch-On 2013
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Illuminations switch on


To be fair, the 2013 Illuminations Switch-On ceremony was an uphill struggle prior to the main headlining act The Script pulling out at the eleventh hour.

It was only by good fortune that Gary Barlow, who has a personal affinity with Blackpool, made every effort possible to save the day.

The national media exposure for St Gary was mutually a good thing.

However, Blackpool is a ‘candy floss’ and ‘fish and chip’ happy go lucky town.

Staging Wembley-style concerts carries a huge unpredictable financial risk.

Tickets priced at more than £30 each were clearly out of reach for many hard pushed local families or those visiting for the weekend.

The Illuminations are an asset for the survival of Blackpool tourism.

Now is the time for those officials at Blackpool Council marketing to beg, steal and borrow from corporate sponsors, manufactures etc , with a competitive camaraderie spirit in mind to invest and help move the Lights forward.

To meet the expectations of the modern visitor and new generations, serious investment is needed.

Stephen Pierre

Abingdon Street


Looking for a job


The Government expects the unemployed to search 35 hours a week and to visit the job centre twice a week.

You would say, nothing wrong with that, and I agree.

But if you just miss one day, your benefits will be stopped for 13 weeks for this first offence.

People will end up on the streets because of these harsh realities.

C.Victor de-Nagy

Gill Court


Shopping in Blackpool

No thanks

I’m sorry, but no I won’t be doing my Christmas shopping in Blackpool town centre as it is too stressful trying to get into town (Gazette, November 2).

Since the traffic lanes have been changed on Cookson Street and two- way traffic allowed on the section in between the bus station and new council building, there is a permanent traffic jam along this section.

Plus Topping Street is also jammed, because no-one can get out the other end at the bus station!

All this means queues build up along Park Road, Church Street, and Regent Road.

Shall I go on? I have emailed the council about this several times, but have received no answer.

I gave up last week and went to Preston, used the Park and Ride, no stress, and spent my money there!

Name and address 

Cabinet system

Replace it

I have long held the belief that the cabinet system in local government does not work (Gazette, November 1).

It favours a political party and not the town.

We the electorate put 32 representatives into the town hall for the good of our town and 32 representatives should be involved in all decisions not seven sitting in secret, by virtue
 of belonging to a political party. There must be 5.000 people in Blackpool who believe as I do.

In reply to Coun Eaves about cost, if you take out the cabinet system in local government instead of being forced to, there will not be any cost will there?

For once when you think about cost, think about the people not the party.

Bruce Allen

Hawkshead Terrace


in defence of staffies

Loving dogs

I was absolutely dismayed by Alan Ackryoyd’s outrageous attack on Staffordshire Bull Terriers demanding they must all be muzzled and kept on leads because his friend’s dog was attacked by one.

His letter symbolises the prejudice and stereotyping that these dogs persistently face.

As the proud owner of a gentle and loving Staffie, I found his remarks very insulting and nothing but a knee-jerk reaction.

His friend’s dog could have been attacked by any other breed of dog, the attack was nothing to do with the breed.

Staffies like any other dog are wonderful, loving and harmless dogs with the right owner and right training.

I urge people to judge dogs by the deed and not the breed.

My Staffie like many others doesn’t have a vicious bone in her body and I just wish people like Alan Ackroyd could look beyond misguided sterotypes and see that.

Name and address supplied

Cafe culture

Try Taste

Interesting article about the café culture .

Readers, try Taste at Cleveleys.

Excellent food, lovely and attentive staff, good service and grateful for your custom.


Hazelwood Close