Letters - November 4, 2014

DEVELOPMENT PLAN The Cuerden business park being planned south of Preston. One reader wonders why Wyre cannot do the same to bring in new job opportunities to the area
DEVELOPMENT PLAN The Cuerden business park being planned south of Preston. One reader wonders why Wyre cannot do the same to bring in new job opportunities to the area
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Planning problems

Wyre being let down

Will the last person leaving North Fylde, please turn off the lights?

The Gazette’s sister paper the Lancashire Evening Post reports of a strategic business park being created at Cuerden with widening of the A582 into a dual carriage way. The 
Gazette reports a new link road to the M55 near Warton with a business park.

Meanwhile, Wyre Council recommends approval for yet another 100 houses in Poulton, all of this on top of another 100 houses in Thornton.

The council leader in reaction to criticism regarding the planners’ failure to produce a local plan said planners were going “as fast as they can”.

As fast as local traffic it seems. No viable rail link, no A585 relief road, (the original offer of the yellow route being rejected by this council to appease residents in Singleton, leaving Morecambe to get its relief road).

The council leader is simply acting as the planners’ apologist. The ‘planners’ along with their committee of rubber stampers are not fit for 

What is he doing to fight for road/infrastructure improvements? Nothing.

Wait until 900 houses get built at Stanah and then it will be mission accomplished. The final chapter in our economic decline, a dead Fleetwood port and congested roads.

House prices will fall and the young, along with those in good jobs, will move away, never to come back.

Who will address these fundamental issues? Not our council it seems. Planners ‘consult’, people object, but it’s the same story in Wyre, nothing is achieved except more land wasted on houses and no infrastructure improvements.

Other councils like Fylde fight applications whereas Wyre just gives them out like confetti. I think 2015 will be an interesting year in politics at a national and local level.

Things have to change.

C Feast

Victoria Rd


Child Abuse

Another scandal

The inquiry into widespread child abuse is rapidly becoming a farce.

Fiona Woolf’s resignation is the second such resignation of a Home Office nominee for the post of chairwoman.

The victims’ group understandably announced they would be unable to work with her, given revelations about her links with former Home Secretary, Lord Brittan.

During his time in office he was given a dossier revealing details of high-profile paedophiles. Those files were subsequently ‘lost’.

It is rumoured that politicians’ names were among those listed in the files.

The Rotherham scandal report, and recent similar reports of child abuse in Manchester and Oxford are among the most shameful ever to be published in this country.

It is abundantly clear that child abuse and exploitation is endemic in many of our cities.

The present turmoil over the selection of a chairwoman is, I fear, only the tip of an iceberg because, given the current terms of reference, the enormously complicated task is clearly undeliverable within any reasonable time scale.

Hence, unless these terms are drastically revised and the scale of the task reduced accordingly, I can see looming on the horizon another Chilcot situation. This has again been delayed until, almost certainly, after the General Election. I wonder why?

Dr Barry Clayton

Fieldfare Close


Senior voices

Battle the ban

Regarding the Gazette story ‘Row pensioner group handed Town Hall ban’.

I have been reading the articles in The Gazette about the Senior Voices forum ban.

It seems to me this group were left in the lurch after the council ban. They had no funds or room for a meeting pending in two days’ time. However, they managed a meeting in St John’s church at £70.00 a room (as the church needs to raise funds for repairs). I heard during the meeting members were feeling sad and dejected due to the ban by the council.

So a member was asked to tell the group of her life experience. The lady told of how she had been a teacher in Blackpool for many years, been on Mastermind three times and got to the final.

She had been involved in local history of Blackpool for three years in Blackpool 
Library, (she is also banned from meetings in library).

The member went on to tell of her truly inspirational life. These members of the Senior Voices Forum have probably brought families up to be proud of. They could also relate their experiences of doing good work for others in their lifetime. There will be no Xmas party for Senior Voices Forum Members this year. But maybe next year.

Keep up the good fight to have Blackpool Council lift the ban that was not deserved. Remember the story of David and Goliath.

P O’Connor

Portland Road