Letters - November 3, 2014

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Tackling mental health


Local authorities have a remit to prevent both physical and mental health problems in the communities they serve, using their public health budgets.

Millions of pounds are spent every year to prevent people developing physical health problems like obesity, heart disease or cancer.

But research by the charity Mind found that local authorities spend far too little on preventing mental health problems and are confused about what they should do to help prevent people becoming mentally unwell.

In the North West only 2.2 per cent of this budget is spent on mental health.

With around one in four of us experiencing a mental health problem this year, this figure is unacceptably low.

Demand for local NHS mental health services is rising and rising and we have all seen reports that our NHS is struggling to cope.

Prevention is the key to making sure we reduce the impact on the health service in future.

We need the next Government to introduce a national strategy to ensure local authorities know what to do, and use their budgets to prevent mental health problems developing and reduce the number of people becoming unwell.

Garry Richardson

Catterall Close


UKIP ‘not chameleons’


Gordon Marsden describes UKIP as ‘chameleons.’ (Gazette October 27)

He clearly has not followed UKIP’s policies over the years.

Since UKIP was formed in 1993 we have consistently campaigned for Britain to leave the EU and regain control of our borders.

This ‘chameleon ; has never changed its colours.

UKIP’s other policies over past General Elections have been consistent whereas 
there is very little difference between Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat policies.

So called ‘smarter’ immigration controls are impossible while we remain in the EU and the EU President Barosso confirmed recently there would be no treaty changes.

Angela Merkel stated there would be no relaxation to the right of EU citizens to live in Britain.

Why did Labour not introduce controls when in power and have not campaigned for them since?

Gordon Marsden’s ill informed criticism of Nigel Farage shows how much he is driven by an outdated class hatred.

We don’t care what class our leaders are, we just want the best.

Mr Marsden accused UKIP of wanting more private investment in the NHS an oft repeated Labour deception.

Labour privatised the NHS by private finance initiatives paying millions to foreign companies, a policy we are now paying for.

UKIP is committed to a free NHS at the point of delivery.

Simon Noble

Prospective UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Blackpool North and 

Peter Wood

Prospective UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Blackpool South

Appeal for wool


I am writing on behalf of the Friends of Highfield Road Park to ask readers if anyone has any spare wool, either spare balls or oddments?

The Friends of the Park are organising an exciting Yarn Bombing in the park in the New Year and are busy preparing for the event.

However, we need more wool and knitters or people to crochet if they are interested in joining our exciting event.

If so please ring me on (01253) 348011 or Karen (01253) 312986. Please don’t forget to leave your name and telephone number on the answerphone. We are willing to go and collect wool from the Blackpool area but would also welcome more knitters, etc to help out with our event.

Irene Donovan

Friends of Highfield Road Park

Tom was top architect


How good it was to see you ‘Memory Lane’ article celebrating the centenary of Tom Mellor’s birth, one of the North-West’s best architects, and a talented all round designer.

For those of us still involved in his architectural practice today, and celebrating this year the 65th anniversary of his founding the practice in Lytham, this was a real treat.

Tom’s work at the expanding universities of Liverpool, Sheffield, Birmingham and Lancaster won much acclaim, including national awards from the Civic Trust, but he also had a talent for smaller scale domestic designs, many examples of which were to be found in his houses and churches around the Fylde coast.

I’m sure some will have been surprised to learnt that was also an accomplished artist, many of his paintings featuring architectural themes but also containing some imaginative and surreal images.

As your article noted his artistic activity also extended to contemporary fabric designs, many produced for the fashionable range of David Whitehead, and were to be found in Heal’s store in London.

Peter J Boyd

Director Mellor Architects Preston