Letters - November 28. 2013

RIGHTS LEGISLATION Prime Minister, David Cameron, at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg
RIGHTS LEGISLATION Prime Minister, David Cameron, at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg
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EU membership

Get it right

I write because on both November 19 and 25, columnist Chris Moncrieff has produced two pieces of anti EU rant which cannot be allowed to go unchallenged.

On the 19th (It’s time we stood up to Brussels) his main theme was the issue of human rights legislation.

He either doesn’t know or he chooses to ignore and misrepresent the facts.

The European Court of Human Rights is not from ‘Brussels’ or even the EU.

It is a totally different thing based in Strasbourg, and makes judgements on a Convention that Britain not only signed but helped write in the first place.

How can people make judgements about the value of EU membership when there is so much nonsense and misinformation like this flying about from people who should know better?

This week he is banging on about the alleged ‘flood’ of immigrants from Bulgaria and Romania that will allegedly overwhelm us.

Such evidence as there is, and there is not much (but we shouldn’t let irritants like facts and evidence intervene) suggest that the numbers are greatly exaggerated, and that most will be young and unlikely to be a strain on our benefit system which he thinks is ‘far too generous even to our own indigenous people’.

I wonder if those indigenous people who are being savaged by Tory Duncan-Smith’s ‘welfare’ reforms will share that opinion.

Mike Turner

Fylde Liberal

Saltcotes Road


Blackpool festival

Sad demise

As a former competitor in the Blackpool Festival, I was very sad to hear of its demise.

This was a competition that in its day brought tremendous prestige to the town and attracted many singers and instrumentalists from far and wide.

It is really a sad reflection on the lack of interest in serious music which I am afraid has less and less appeal to those who have got used to the increased prevalence of pop music which is now plugged at every opportunity.

As I did give a trophy in memory of my late brother to the competition, it would be interesting to hear from whoever performed the last rites of the festival to say what happened to the now redundant silverware.

As the festival has no further use for it, I would be glad to have it back instead of it being consigned to a dusty attic or even the scrap heap!

Don Burslam

Elm Road


Blue badge denied

Not eligible

My auntie is 85 years old and is registered partially sighted (she only has sight in one eye).

She walks with a three wheel walker and has been denied a Blue Badge.

It came up for renewal a few weeks ago and she was told she was no longer eligible for one. I think this is disgusting. How badly disabled do you have to be to get a Blue Badge?

Why after having a badge for some years has she now been told she is not eligible any longer. I would like the views of other readers who have been told this.

Heather Stemp

Melrose Avenue


Political frustration

Make change

I certainly do not agree with Paul Lomax (Politically Correct November 27) because I believe the overwhelming majority in our nation are suffering a long term frustration with the political system.

Paul says he would prefer to support a party that wants to be fair to all, not being funded and bribed by (union) militant regimes.

I agree wholeheartedly with that reference he makes to the Labour party. He also states how the unions have created a ‘them and us’ situation across the workplaces in our country.

I agree again but he is ignoring the fact that party politics is an entirely ‘them and us’ situation too and the Conservatives receive party funding from industry’s monopoly bosses who have a major influence on how our country is run.

While political parties exist, the electorate remains permanently between a rock and a hard place.

It is true to say that most of the countries in Europe suffer in the same way and like us are without meaningful direction.

The way forward, is to step out of the meandering political party system and use the technology of today to make the entire indigeonous population become the goverment online and the chambers of parliament to become simply the mechanical part of the process.

Brevity here demands skipping the details, but suffice to say there is no future in the current system as it is seriously flawed in its basic structure and doesn’t at all serve the needs of our country.

Radical change is needed so respectfully, those like Mr Lomax then won’t have to speak in blindness or unwitting bias, but make an informed vote in a state of true democracy alongside every adult in our country on everything that matters to us.

Chris Wiseman

South Shore