Letters - November 26, 2014

STRICTLY WONDERFUL Reader Neil Kendall believes the Tower Ballroom should have been used for the final
STRICTLY WONDERFUL Reader Neil Kendall believes the Tower Ballroom should have been used for the final
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I would like to let people know that several international animal welfare charities need our help to put an end to the brutal fur trade, and are very concerned there is still an amount of garments, including hats and gloves, trimmed with fur from both cats and rabbits for sale in the UK.

It is pleasing to know that several high street stores, 
including M&S, have decided to stop selling these items.

Other business owners however, are not always aware that, what they think is acceptable fashion, has involved rabbits which have been skinned alive.

Why is it so brutal? Well sadly certain countries, including China, Thailand, Vietnam and Nigeria believe that by torturing the animal, adrenalin is 
released to ensure that the meat or flesh is more tender to eat.

You can help us stop this cruel trade sooner by signing the petition at savedogs.soidog.org. Thank you.

C. Hopkins

Headroomgate Road

St Annes

Tower fitting for final


This year’s Strictly Come Dancing from Blackpool must have been the best yet for the publicity it was worth to the town.

After over a hundred mentions, I lost count of the word‘Blackpool’.

The production was outstanding and there must be the highest praise for all concerned with the decor, lighting and effects.

This outstanding presentation would have provided a more fitting final for Strictly, and I’m surprised it was used to mark only the halfway stage.

My personal favourite in the Blackpool Strictly was the appearance of the fabulous Shirley Bassey.

Neil Kendall

Stamford Avenue

South Shore

Adverts spoiled silence


It was nice to read the letter from Mrs Riding about the Blackpool tram driver stopping for the two minute 
silence for Armistice Day with his passengers (Your Say 
November 21).

I was in Wilkinson’s in Blackpool on November 11 at 11am when an announcement came over to observe a two-minute silence, and the tills
 closed etc.

All staff stood still as did most customers.

But why were all the advertising TV monitors allowed to blare out their products?

Sorry, Wilkinson’s, it was most disrespectful to the fallen.

Name and address supplied

Free travel would be a gift


Christmas is on its way, the season of goodwill.

Could Blackpool Transport give us the goodwill to let us use our free travel passes on their trams for a fortnight in December?

The folk of Fleetwood, Thornton and Cleveleys would appreciate this as would the shops.

So please let us retired 
folk have this concession.

Even half fares would be welcome.

Dan Wrigley

St David’s Avenue


Recognising business


Well done to Wyre Council for organising a superb evening recognising local business on Thursday night at the Marine Hall, Fleetwood.

It was pure Hollywood glamour and glitz.

Lovely food and fizz, red carpet, photographs and, more importantly, recognising and appreciating local businesses who serve our community across Wyre.

There were so many success stories.

With so much gloom in the news at the moment, this is one thing that deserves the highest of praise.

Inspiring coverage by Peter Gibson, Pete Murphy, Garry Payne and Michael Ryan.

A fantastic event and one that hopefully will continue to support our hard working and successful business throughout Wyre.

Well done Wyre Council.

Coun Julie V. Newsham

Labour downfall?


The Labour Party in the pending government and local elections in May 2015 is heading for a massive disaster.

The Tory party will form a coalition with Nigel Farage and the UKIP party, publicly viewed as replacing the out-of-touch Labour Party.

The lacklustre and lack of prominent leadership of Ed Miliband will also be a contributory factor to Labour’s deteriorating downfall.


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