Letters - November 26, 2012

Clive Grunshaw
Clive Grunshaw
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NEW police commissioner Clive Grunshaw’s criticism of the government’s decision to hold an election in November was justified (Letters November 20).

Shorter days and colder weather do not encourage voters out particularly after nightfall.

Another factor is most people quite rightly, did not see the need for the American-style police commissioners to be imposed on the UK.

Regarding the reader’s comment on apathetic campaigning, I and a team were out for roughly 10 days delivering leaflets and talking to residents.

There were several teams in the Blackpool North and Cleveleys area and I understand the same happened in Blackpool South. But canvassers and deliverers are never able to contact every voter, often they are not at home.

Also if the reader didn’t know of Clive’s qualifications, it is very disappointing he did not try to find the information himself, he could have quite easily.

Our new commissioner gained much hands on experience in police matters.

Clive will take this experience into his new post and I congratulate him on his success and wish him well in what is a difficult job, made worse by government cuts, which have already reduced the number of police officers throughout Lancashire.



Blackpool North and 
Cleveleys Labour Party.

I WENT shopping in Highfield Road, and saw the so-called ‘improvements’.

There was a man on the new road surface pushing a large spirit level along with his foot.

I told him it was not working, as having walked down from Lytham Road, I had an overview of the different surfaces.

The road and pavements are a horrible black with pink chippings, other pavement areas have small block paving.

As I walked along it was obvious no surface is level, and the asphalt seems crudely laid down.

Please tell me there is another layer to go on.

The whole place has been devalued, it looks so cheap and tacky.

This goes for all the new road surfaces in Blackpool, they are once again done on the cheap.

I dread the freezing winter we are warned of this year, because I feel there will be more pot-holes on the way.



IAM writing to say a big thank-you to everyone who came to my show, An Audience with Ken Dagger, for their support and generous donations.

Aas a result I have been able to present £1,250 to Dr Paul Cahalin to be used by the team on the haematology ward at Victoria Hospital.

All the staff on this ward were so kind and caring during my late wife Avice’s illness and I was delighted such a large amount was raised