Letters - November 24, 2014

Blackpool Victoria Hospital
Blackpool Victoria Hospital
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Health service

Fears for NHS

David Owen presents a bleak picture of the state of the NHS, particularly as it affects Blackpool (Gazette, November 19).

It is like watching the death of a close relative, as only three years since the Government passed the Health and Social Care Act the NHS has been in terminal decline. 
 For most of us it was 
there when we were born, it helped to raise us and was there when we needed help from it.
 Regarding commercialisation of our NH S, it is the way it has been presented, or under-presented. 
 Government states that £20 billion is needed in cuts to NHS services which are actually savings. 
 So who could disagree with that? Moreover the complexity of the Health Bill is breathtaking as it is at least three times longer than the original act when labour established the NHS in 1948.
 The sell-off of our health service has been underway for the past three years. 
 Virgin Care now run more than 100 radiology units and GP practices across the country. 
 Others have million pound contracts running under the banner of the NHS logo, so it is misleading to the public who think the NHS is safe in this Government’s hands.
 In May 2010, The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister set out the Coalition’s programme of policies over the next five years to “rebuild the economy, unlock social mobility, mend the political system and give people the power to call the shots over the decisions that affect their lives.”
 A privatisation deal was not, however, included in their parties’ manifestos.
 Aneurin Bevan stated in 1948: “This is the biggest social experiment the world has ever seen undertaken”
 It was a successful ‘experiment’ sadly not one that fits Conservative profit-based ideology.

Marjorie Nye

Knowle Avenue

Benefits show

Why film here?
Many Blackpool residents who like living in our town will be really annoyed that Channel 5 are producing a ‘Jeremy Kyle’ type show demonstrating how people on benefits spend their cash.
 So why pick on Blackpool to film it?

As I know from my national work they could use Brighton, Central London, Birmingham, Leeds, York or any other places people go with as much, if not more effect.

This is just stupid ‘Blackpool’ stereotyping – or is it that the TV crews actually like our town to visit but can’t be honest about the reason!

Stephen Brooks,


Blackpool airport

Job concerns
Last week’s news about Blackpool Airport was good news for Blackpool but wasn’t good news for the employees of the airport who were axed at the expense of closure. 
 I don’t know whether it was a way of getting rid of all the ex staff and have a fresh start with new short term contracts. 
 I was reading in last week’s paper that one company made an offer to buy the airport but they were not entertained. 
 Fair enough Balfour Beatty can keep it – it’s a private entrepreneurship – but this service has a lot to do with public facility and I am of this opinion that these services should be monitored by the local authorities. 
 It’s not only public service it’s to do with our local economic situation too.

Blackpool already is a deprived place and national statistics show the level of poverty too so our local boroughs have to play a vital role to bring more job opportunities in the area. 
 We are grateful to Balfour Beaty management for bringing the airport service back to Blackpool and hope to resume rest of flights which were in operation before because 235,000 passengers is not a small number.

M Jamil

via email

Immigration debate

Labour too late
In a speech onNovember 18, Yvette Cooper, the aspiring leader of the Labour Party, talked constantly about immigration. 
 We were regaled with platitudes about the subject but in a dull speech there was no substance or supporting evidence whatsoever to back up her assertions.

Because of two recent by-elections and a General Election in six months time her party is taking every opportunity to discuss this important matter. 
 A few months ago the subject would have been severely off limits.

Labour has come to the party rather late.

The electorate are used to political u-terms – somersaults are less familiar. 
 Who knows what acrobatics we will witness come the new year?
 Dr Barry Clayton
 11 Fieldfare Close,