Letters - November 22, 2013

TOILET TROUBLE The Winter Gardens, where ladies used the men's facilities, says reader Clifford Chambers
TOILET TROUBLE The Winter Gardens, where ladies used the men's facilities, says reader Clifford Chambers
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Out of bounds?

Women and gents

Please tell me if I’m a prude.

In the Winter Gardens gents toilets last Saturday prior to Sarah Millican appearing at the Opera House, a woman at the bottom of the stairs asked if there were cubicles.

Despite someone saying the ladies were upstairs, she said the queue was too long and went ahead anyway passing us all standing with our faces against the wall.

One man commented to her that if we did that in the ladies we’d be arrested, but it made no difference.

Then to crown it all the following day, walking into Stanley Park gents’ public toilets, a bloke presumably with his young kids (one of them a girl aged around six or seven) was standing by the urinals!

So we did an about turn and left.

I realise that being a father in charge of his young daughter, he would not want her to wait outside in case of any untoward people, but surely he could have made sure she was stood away from the urinals.

After all, the washing facilities are separately partitioned. But it does make one wonder that we men just don’t have any privacy these days and our ‘loos’ are open for any female to walk in whenever they want.

This little girl might grow up thinking she can go into the gents at any time, which is not advisable for obvious reasons.

Perhaps we men should start using the ladies’ toilets because they all have private cubicles.


Council cuts

And council waste?

We were recently informed by an article in The Gazette, of a further round of Blackpool Council cuts and redundancies, so you can imagine my surprise, therefore, when yesterday I took my dogs for their daily walk in Anchorsholme Park to be confronted by a new sign.
It had been erected earlier that same day, telling me the area had now become a ‘Smoke Free Zone’ and that smoking was no longer permitted. The sign itself is mounted on two metal legs and must have cost a considerable amount of money.
I am not aware that a law has been passed outlawing smoking in public open spaces and so cannot comprehend how Blackpool Council can erect signs saying smoking is no longer permitted.
 In view of the announcement of the latest round of council cuts I have to wonder how our on earth our cash strapped council can find money to erect signs that are of little or no use to anyone whilecutting back on necessary services and making employees redundant. 
Incidentally I was advised that the two men who erected the sign were due to be laid off on Friday due to cut backs .In case anyone was wondering I am a non smoker but do not wish to deprive smokers of their right to smoke in public open spaces. Come on Blackpool Council get your priorites right.

Pauline Allcock


Music pitch

Not a first?

Great news about the Rod Stewart Bloomfield Road gig. However, promoter Peter Taylor isn’t strictly correct in stating that it will be the FIRST outdoor concert at the venue.
In the late 1970s I and a few thousand others enjoyed an afternoon of music from Gerry and the Pacemakers, Wayne Fontana and others while sat on the pitch there. 
The pitch was covered in matting and the stage was below the old South Stand.

Richard Gillingham


Help from a friendly fitter

Daughter’s thanks

I am writing on behalf of my mother, Lilian Green, to thank the carpet fitter who came to her aid when she fell in her back garden the other day.
 He happened to see the accident from the house across the road where he was working, and came to her aid, climbing over the back gate to do so.
He phoned my brother-in-law and stayed with her until the latter’s arrival.
 Mum wishes also to thank the ambulance crew and the staff at Victoria Hospital for their care and attention. Apart from a black eye, bruised knee and a few aches and pains, she is feeling much better.

Mrs Sylvia Guise,

Tarragon Drive


Left wing media and UKIP

Why the bias?

The UKIP leader Nigel Farage is continually attacked, mostly by the left wing media and chief motivator is the BBC, accusing him of being a scare monger on immigration. 
It is strange all the three main parties are silent on this.

Not one word opposing the imminent mass immigration.
We shouldn’t be surprised after all, Brussels is in control of our destiny and not the UK. 
We should come out of the European Union.
 The urgency for this will be clearer after the mass immigration to start in the new year. These islands are unable to cope with the open border policy.

C. Viltor De-Nagy