Letters - November 21, 2014

New managing director of Blackpool Transport Jane Cole
New managing director of Blackpool Transport Jane Cole
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No route information

LED display

I hope Jane Cole, the new manager of Blackpool Transport, will keep her promise to sort out the mess with Blackpool buses.

I hope she can at last get a bus station sorted out to give the general public (residents and tourists), some hope of finding the right stop.

The new Talbot Gateway would be the ideal spot to have something which links up with the railway station.

Meanwhile, confusion is the order of the day for the bus-using public.

Most of the stops display no information as to where the buses actually go, some give bus times but no other actual information.

Why can’t they have LED displays as found on bus stops all over the country.

I have recently returned from Coventry where all the bus stops, even ones outside the town centre, have clear LED displays giving the route and time of the next bus.

Brilliant for a visitor.

I also hope the new buses being bought by Blackpool Transport will have adequate room for 32 standing, enabling people to exit easily and safely.

I have recently experienced journeys when the buses were so crowded, no-one could get off without several people having to get off and then back on again to let them through.

Some people even missed their stop because they couldn’t exit quickly enough.

Wi-Fi and phone charging may be a nice gimmick, but surely the travelling public would prefer a clean, reliable service from a well-run bus station.

Mrs S.E. Bonham

Faringdon Avenue

South Shore

Surgery is top rate

No concerns

My wife and myself could not believe what we were reading in The Gazette about our doctors, Lockwood Avenue Surgery being labelled (by the Care Quality Commission)as falling below care standards (Gazette, November 19).

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The doctors and their support team are outstanding and continually go beyond the call of duty.

Each and everyone of us receive wonderful treatment and to name and shame this magnificent doctors practice in Poulton is quite inappropriate particularly as the article states steps had been taken to improve areas of concern.

This doctors surgery is top rate and we count ourselves as being very lucky to be registered with such a practice.

Name and address 

Asbestos warning


As general manager of the UK Asbestos Training Association I was heartened to read the story of a North Kent man who had joined forces with the National Asbestos Helpline, following the death of his father at the hands of the toxic killer.

Phil Shepherd, from Gravesend, vowed to raise awareness of the dangers of the substance after his father Brian passed away as the result of malignant mesothelioma, caused by asbestos.

Brian, who had been a carpenter all of his life, inhaled the dust at work and would come home unknowingly covered in the substance before the full deadly dangers of it were widely known.

Unfortunately, even today, the only cure for mesothelioma is prevention and we need to make sure that unlike Brian, the tradesmen of this generation are armed with the knowledge to keep them safe from the substance.

Many buildings built prior to the year 2000 still house deadly asbestos.

If you work in an environment where you may come into contact with asbestos or have to handle it on a daily basis then you need training.

Readers can go to www.ukata.org.uk to find one of over a 170 registered training providers throughout the UK and ensure that it isn’t asbestos that eventually takes their life.

Craig Evans

General Manager, UKATA

Tram stopped for silence

But not cars

I would like to say a big thank you to the tram driver going towards Blackpool war memorial.

He stopped the tram for the two minute silence on Armistice Day, and the driver and conductor turned to the passengers and explained why he was stopping, and if we wanted to take part in the silence, so be it.

But I did not notice on the road one car that had stopped.

Mrs M. Riding

Eastpines Drive


Calls are a nuisance

Stop them

In my opinion, call centres should be abolished.

It is 11.30am and we have had eight calls already, and we are in our seventies.

We are compos mentis, and mobile, but supposing we were not.

Some more OAP could have a nasty fall or worse trying to answer all these calls.

Someone should do something before this happens and put these annoying callers in Room 101.

Norma Gerrard

Cresswood Avenue