Letters - November 20, 2013

VILLAGE BATTLE Wrea Green is just one of the villages where housing programmes area causing controversy
VILLAGE BATTLE Wrea Green is just one of the villages where housing programmes area causing controversy
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Rural developments


What Coun Armit (Gazette November 18 ‘Does this village have protected status?’) has failed to consider is that the total number of planning applications for new housing in Wrea Green currently exceeds 200 homes and this number will clearly overwhelm a 640 home village.

Three former applications that were refused by Fylde Council will now be finally decided by public inquiry, the result of which will not be known for some little while.

It is one thing to add 50 or so homes to a large town where the proportionate increase will be slight.

It is quite another to add them to a village where the character of the village will be lost forever.

Quite honestly I thought Coun Armit would have realised that.

Wrea Green already has two recent applications approved so where is this protected status he talks of!

Coun Frank Andrews

Ribby with Wrea Ward

Fylde Council

I have read with interest your article about Wrea Green having ‘protected status’. Firstly may I say that it would appear only Warton and Wesham of the South Fylde villages would appear not to have protected status at the present time.

There is a large housing project well underway on Harbour Lane, Warton, a big improvement on the run down market garden that was there previously may I say, plus work about to start on another larger housing project on Lytham Road, again a big improvement on the abandoned industrial site that was there previously.

However, these increases in population have not been matched by any mention of improved facilities of any kind so far.

Up the road in Freckleton we have a brand new health centre, nothing in Warton.

In Freckleton a good as new library, nothing in Warton apart from a D.I.Y. book exchange two afternoons a week.

In Freckleton a total by-pass to keep through traffic out of the village, in Warton just the old road which is already a traffic nightmare at peak times and weekends.

I also notice that several of the projected developments in Warton will take over land previously used as sports fields and countryside. This is surely wrong in the longer term?

Peter K. Roberts

Clifton Avenue


Peter helps puppies


May I through your column thank Peter and his staff at Harrold Rigbys on Waterloo Road for hosting a fundraising event for the local Blackpool and North Lancs branch of the RSPCA.

Peter cooked and served a fish and chip supper and then hosted several events including a quiz.

We raised the sum of £168-50 which will go towards supporting the welfare needs of local animals in the area. Most of these animals have suffered abuse, neglect or abandonment at the hands of uncaring or cruel owners.

We hold two events a year at this venue and it is down to Peter’s wealth of experience in the hospitality industry that the evening is always a sell out.

Not only do we raise much needed funds but the evening was enjoyed by all.

Currently we are building a new state of the art animal facility in Stalmine to house all the animals entrusted into our care.

The monies raised this week will go directly towards funding a nursery in the largest dog kennel block.

This nursery will accommodate the mums who are expecting puppies and will give them peace and privacy to give birth to and nurse their litters.

This is a far cry from the lives from which these dogs have been rescued.

Many thanks.

Ann M. Turner

Honorary Secretary RSPCA Blackpool and North Lancs

Charities for the blind

We help too

While strongly supporting the work of N-vision, I wish to point out that it is not the only local sight loss charity on the Fylde coast.

Guide Dogs (Guide Dogs for the Blind Association) has been working with and supporting the visually impaired on the Fylde for between 50 and 60 years.

Many of us have worked with both organisations over the years, which complement each other, and I was surpised at Kevin Winkley’s comment (Letters November 16), all the more so as it is only three weeks since the popular and highly successful “Glo Walkies through the Lights” which has raised an estimated £4,000 for the charity, this being just one of the many activities in which the branch is involved.

Gerald Wildish

Hon Secretary

Guide Dogs, Fylde Coast Branch

Harold’s funeral

Caring spirit

As a former USA service member who read your story on the final farewell of Harold Percival of Lytham, I just wanted to say thankyou to all those who were able to attend his funeral.

This story brought tears to my eyes. It goes to show to good grace and caring spirit of our kindred on the other side of the Atlantic.

James Belangia

South Carolina, USA