Letters - November 2, 2017

A Blackpool Transport bus in service
A Blackpool Transport bus in service
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I’m 74 and was told to
get off bus and walk

I feel I had to write to let you know about a sad experience I had on Wednesday, October 25.

I am a 74-year-old lady and still able to work. My son dropped me off at Broadwater, Fleetwood where I look after disabled people.

My shift that day was 8am-11am, a nice three hours. As I had no transport home I waited for the no. 1 bus at Broadwater, it duly arrived about 11.15am.

As I boarded the bus and opened my bag I realised I had no purse. I explained to the conductor and offered my name and address.

I was really astounded when he said I would have to walk home, about three and a half miles.

The bus was nearly only half full and he said it was policy only to let children provide addresses.

While speaking to me he just looked straight ahead and was completely disinterested.

He told me to get off the bus, I thanked him, disembarked and began my walk.

It wasn’t easy, the wind was in my face as it blew across the fields off the sea at Rossall Fields.

At one point I really felt I couldn’t make it. Eventually I arrived home quite exhausted.

What a sad world we now live in.

There are a lot of lovely people out there, but some of our bus drivers (not all) are totally dispassionate.

Alicia Barnes

Slinger Road

* A spokesman from Blackpool Transport said: “It’s extremely disappointing to hear that an elderly lady has been unable to travel with us.

Our teams are briefed and asked to allow any person to travel on an unpaid fare if they are a child or where the customer could be left in a vulnerable situation. We haven’t received contact from the lady in relation to this incident and we would ask that this is reported to us as soon as possible to allow us to investigate the incident to the fullest extent”.


Health Service is most important

I was astounded to read Barry Clayton’s letter (Your Say, October 26) in which he once again denigrates Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

One is surely left to wonder why Barry has such a total obsession in criticising Labour’s leader, even stating Jeremy Corbyn is not particularly intelligent. The reason for that statement is I sadly fear that ex ‘something or other’ Barry believes only himself to be intelligent.

Does Barry not understand our country, with this right wing unpopular government, is heading for disaster?

Any other prime Minister would have stepped down at the result of the last election. this government’s did not. However they now should, because their constant mishandling of our heath service is a very serious matter.

Worryingly this government continues to systematically privatise our NHS, piece by piece. Virgin Care whose boss lives in the Caribbean, benefits greatly as this government continues selling off services. Now many NHS walk-in-centres and maternity units are closing. This will force sick people to travel many miles to join already long queues in nearby towns. If I listed how many of these services are closing I would need to write six letters as the number of endangered services/departments is increasing constantly.

The shortage of staff continues yet the government’s response is to cut bursaries for training. I wonder if someone can explain how that helps the NHS to recruit more trained staff!

Yet while our NHS is suffering, Barry Clayton ignores that fact, preferring to write another disparaging letter about our Labour Party leader.

I believe good health is the most important thing anyone can have. We need a government which truly believes in and is totally committed to our National Health Service and most importantly, is prepared to fund it properly.

There is only one political party that can provide that and that is the party that created the NHS.

Jeremy Corbyn as leader has a different agenda to that of any Tory leader, despite the malice that some letters display towards him. Our country needs a caring government and he is the man who can provide it.

Jack Croysdill

Blackpool North/Cleveleys 
Labour Party


Working together to restore rail link

I was delighted to read in the Gazette that The Campaign for Better Transport, a national lobbying organisation, has recognised the viability and the value of re-instating the Fleetwood to Poulton rail link.

The line should never have been axed in the first place as it provides a national link to everyone living further north of Blackpool Rail station.

I have written to the Chairman of the Poulton and Wyre Railway Association offering my own support for the return of this service and will be following this up with our own Minister for Rail, Paul Maynard MP, and also by writing to Westminster. I hope that colleagues in Blackpool, Fleetwood and Wyre will also continue to add their support so that we can bring the aspirations, dedication and hard work of the society to fruition and bring back this vital rail link.

Tony Williams

Councillor for Anchorsholme


Crack down on 

A right-wing newspaper would call someone who takes money – which they are not entitled to – from tax payers as a ‘scrounger’. So what do we call those members of the House of Lords who take money they are not entitled to (because they do no work)?


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