Letters - November 2, 2011

Fly-tipping at the Jolly Sailor pub Fleetwood
Fly-tipping at the Jolly Sailor pub Fleetwood
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I WORKED for Blackpool Council for more than 20 years and was an inspector with the cleansing department on my retirement.

One of our jobs was to check on fly-tipping which took a lot of time in all areas.

At that time you could get three items removed for £2.

I recently phoned to ask how much is charged to remove a wardrobe. I was told three items would be £18. I said I only had one item, but it would still be £18.

Instead, I took the wardrobe apart and took it to the tip myself.

I bet a lot of people won’t do that, so fly-tipping will go on, surely on a bigger scale.


Holly Road,