Letters - November 19, 2014

Mark Clifford is calling on Blackpool Council to leave the roundabout on Plymouth Road and Poulton Road as it is, without traffic lights.
Mark Clifford is calling on Blackpool Council to leave the roundabout on Plymouth Road and Poulton Road as it is, without traffic lights.
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St Walburga’s roundabout


May I fully endorse the comments concerning the traffic lights at the St Walburga’s Road roundabout made by your correspondent J.Scholey (Your Say, November 11).

There were numerous letters in The Gazette during the period in which the traffic lights were not operating, 
requesting they be discontinued as the traffic flowed much better without them.

As usual, no-one listens, and now we have queues of traffic again, if anything worse than before. The people responsible for disregarding people’s wishes should be made to stand on the roundabout at peak times to witness the chaos they have caused.

I have yet to see any response from the council regarding this matter and why they chose to disregard the representations made to them.

Stephen Adams

Highcroft Avenue


Lights disappointment


It has been many years since I last saw the Blackpool Illuminations and even longer for my elderly aunt and uncle, so I decided to take them on November 7. 
 As they have always had a great affinity for the Blackpool tram, we travelled in that way.

What a huge mistake this was!

I was appalled at what I witnessed during our short journey on the tram.

Not only was it completely overcrowded with people sandwiched together like sardines, but neither I nor my relatives could see anything due to the severity of the overcrowding. In fact I would say it was a major health and safety risk and accidents waiting to happen.

Furthermore while we had initially paid at the South Shore end, I witnessed numerous people not paying a single thing mainly due to the conductor not being able to move throughout the tram to collect fares due to the serious overcrowding.

I feared for our safety so we got off the tram after only a few stops and went home very annoyed after a ruined night out that has soured our experience of what should have been a lovely event.

Phil Hurst

(By email)

‘Forgotten’ Blackpool


I agree with the article Forgotten Blackpool (Gazette,
 November 11).

There are some lovely parts of the town. Holidaymakers flock to Blackpool for its sandy beaches and party atmosphere. However in some parts of Blackpool the buildings are are looking run-down, e.g. hotels in South Shore, shuttered shops in parts of town with peeling paint etc.

Every year readers of The Gazette write in wishing for a heritage centre, casino, snow centre, conference centre and so on. They are still waiting for some miracle to happen that some grand project will be built. London has found Shangri-La (hotel in the clouds) based in the Shard building.

From the hotel rooms you can look down on London’s old and new wonderful buildings.

As one holiday maker remarked in article ‘forgotten Blackpool’ ‘we expected smarter buildings’.

Many holidaymakers live in cities that are always regenerating, while seaside resorts like Blackpool are neglected.

I wish the town could at least have some extra funds to save the fabric of the buildings that are falling into disrepair and looking very dilapitated and spoiling the look of parts of Blackpool.

P. O’connor

Portland Road


Fracking ‘madness’


Most people will agree with Barry Warner (Your Say, November 11) about the madness and dangers of fracking especially as carbon emissions will be at least 10 tonnes per day.

But it is easier to approve schemes rather then having to spend time, energy and money on the appeal process.

The taking of fossil fuel is insidious, resulting in ruinationof the countryside and the threat of sickness in people and animals. These, plus the contamination of water, are unacceptable risks.

But then, rural areas will not get new community centres?

Mr D. Barker

Pine Crescent


Thanks for help


Thank you to the taxi driver and lady who came to our assistence when my wife was taken ill in Cleveleys on Sunday, November 16.

We didn’t get any names but you were extremely helpful. Also, thanks to the paramedics who attended.

Mr E.Swarbrick

(By email)