Letters - November 17, 2016

Joe Longthorne.
Joe Longthorne.
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What a revelation my experience was

I recently had an experience with our local hospital, and the NHS in general, that I really felt obliged to share. All too often the NHS seems to be subjected to stories of poor service and inadequate treatment, and after recent events for me, I have nothing but praise and respect.

I had been troubled with a lump, which had become sore over time. I made an appointment to see a doctor at my local Glenroyd surgery at 10.30am on November 1. Dr Munish was concerned this cyst was too large for him to treat in surgery, and made an immediate appointment for me to attend Victoria Hospital.

I saw another doctor who added me to the surgery list for the next morning, which came as both relief and a shock in equal measure. I was directed to pathology for blood samples and given my instructions for the next morning to attend pre-op at 7.30am.

I was given general anaesthetic at 9.15am and woke up in recovery at 10.30am, just 24 hours after seeing my GP. I was out and home by 2.30pm with antibiotics and pain killers before I almost knew what had happened.

What impressed me most was the wonderful, caring and cheerful treatment and professionalism I received from every single member of staff that I had contact with. I can not praise them highly enough for how well organised and efficient they were.

Thank you Victoria Hospital, and well done the NHS.

David Hogarth

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What a superstar Joe Longthorne is

I would like to thank Leye D Johns and Martin at Viva in Blackpool for putting on the Joe Longthorne show.

He is, without doubt, one of the greatest stars in Blackpool and we are very lucky he has made his home here.

We hope you keep in good health Joe, and look forward to seeing you at Viva in 2017.

Mike Kingsley

Henson Avenue, Blackpool


What time are we supposed to post?

What are Royal Mail playing at in respect of box collections?

For some time the box on St Annes Road, adjacent almost to Arnold Avenue, carried a plate declaring one collection at 9am, then without warning this was replaced by a plate announcing the final collection would be 4.45pm,obviously a far more practical move, particularly for people wanting to post their letters at a reasonable time. Now they have put yet another plate back on the box and back to the ridiculously early 9am.

Consistency clearly is not Royal Mail’s motto – but unreliability certainly is!

Neil Kendall

Stamford Avenue

South Shore


Did unions call for zero hours jobs?

In David Neal’s savage letter (Your Say, Gazette, November 11) attacking the unions at Orgreave during the miners’ strike, he appears to condone assault and perjury, when sanctioned by the State.

Thatcher took on the miners as a matter of policy. Her attack was pre-planned and manipulated at a time favourable for her success.

The ‘sheep’ he mentioned now languish on zero hours contracts and reduced job security. Have power-mad union leaders brought this about?

Denis Lee

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