Letters - November 16, 2016

An artists impression of Blackpool's proposed tram extension
An artists impression of Blackpool's proposed tram extension
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Blackpool now has a modern, segregated promenade tram route that works well. Over the past four years, its passenger numbers have increased year-on-year and contingency revenue is gained during the peak season. As the saying goes “If it’s not broke... why fix it?”

In addition to the £100m modern trams, it can also operate the increasingly popular heritage fleet tram cars, a tourism trump card for the town.

Blackpool North railway station does not have anywhere near the volume of city commuters you would find arriving in droves at both Manchester Victoria and Piccadilly Stations. Does Blackpool really need an integrated train and and tram interchange? At the cost of £20m? Simple questions should be asked, even if they can’t be answered with confidence.

Who will benefit from the tramway extension to Blackpool North station? Will the proposed tramway link-up section be on the same ground level as the station? Or will the tramway require a raised operating area? If so, ideally this requires ramps, steps , lifts and moving walkways.

Realistically, in this day and age, will a family of four arriving at North station with suitcases and pushchair take the tram or a taxi to their unknown hotel destination?

If those in favour of the tramway extension genuinely believe passenger usage will be rise with city style commuters , perhaps they should stand at Talbot Square tram stop for a number of mornings between 7.30am and 9.30am and do a basic survey. How many passengers will alight during that period to justify this ambitious tramway extension?

Constructing tramway infrastructure from scratch, is a huge, messy and disruptive process. When this involves closing off a shared public highway it’s worse than ever. Blackpool does not have the adequate road space infrastructure to accommodate this tramway extension along Talbot Road.

As a shared road space, if the motorists and bus drivers are held up in congestion, how on earth will the tram service operate to its theoretical time table?

I’m wholly in favour of public transport investment. Blackpool requires a modern, purpose-built bus station that would compliment the resort’s new bus fleet and accommodate a wide range of passengers visiting the town from all over the Fylde coast and beyond.

Stephen Pierre

Public Transport Safety Campaigner


Let’s have a Lord Mayor at switch-on

Having just watched and enjoyed The London Lord Mayor’s show on television, it was a nice surprise to learn that the present Lord Mayor is Andrew Parmley, who was educated at Blackpool Grammar School.

While living in Blackpool he was director of music at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Would it not be appropriate for Andrew to switch on the 2017 Blackpool Illuminations? I am sure it would be an honour to have a “sand-grown-un”.

Mary Priest

via email

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The very definition of ‘Trumpery’

The OED defines ‘Trumpery’ as: 1. ‘Deceit, fraud, imposture, trickery’. 2. ‘Something of less value than it seems’. Discuss.

ME Wright

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