Letters - November 16, 2011

Trades Club fire on Chadwick Street 31/10
Trades Club fire on Chadwick Street 31/10
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I WOULD like to express my sadness at hearing of the fire that destroyed the Trades Club in Blackpool.

I am the mother of Diane, who has special needs.

On Diane’s behalf, my family and I would like to say a special thank you to the staff members and the kind people who contributed to Diane’s happiness and welfare over the last 20 years.

Diane went regularly every Sunday lunchtime to the club and enjoyed all the special parties and shows that were organised for her.

Once again, we would like to thank everyone.


Waltham Avenue


AFTER reading your review of the John Barrowman Concert (Gazette, November 9), I would like to say how disappointed we were.

The show turned out to be a concert aimed at John Barrowman’s friends and family, unlike his previous concerts we have enjoyed which were more suited to a mixed age group.

If this was the type of show we had chosen to see, we could have gone to Funny Girls!

So no, we won’t be buying tickets for what was once our favourite singer next time he is in town.



IN response to Mrs Rees’, (Letters, November 14), readers can find out more information about Cuadrilla’s operations and the recently published independent geomechanical report at www.cuadrilla resources.com, or by calling our freephone community information line on 0800 170 1115.

At present, we are in discussions with the Department of Energy and Climate Change to establish the best way forward.

I’d like to reassure readers that, before hydraulic fracturing resumes, we shall liaise with community representatives and residents surrounding our sites to make sure they are fully informed about our operations.



Cuadrilla Resources

I AM reading yet again about anti-social behaviour with regard to tenants, young and old, who have no regard whatsoever for other law-abiding, hard working residents, who, invariably, own their own property.

Noise, rubbish, untidy gardens, foul language, drunkenness, drugged induced stupors, used and soiled pampers strewn about, etc.

It’s about time the landlords were fined (private or council) for any residents who have had three calls for such behaviour to the police from concerned and immediately affected neighbours and residents.

This can be logged and recorded at the Police and Communities Together (PACT) meeting which every ward has, once a month.


Epsom Road