Letters - November 15, 2013

Pictures:Bill Johnson'Funeral of Harold Percival at Lytham Crematorium.
Pictures:Bill Johnson'Funeral of Harold Percival at Lytham Crematorium.
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Wonderful strangers

A fine funeral

The wonderful turnout for the funeral of Bomber Command veteran Harold Jellicoe Percival helps to restore one’ s faith in human nature.

Mainly strangers, those who attended demonstrated respect and appreciation for a man whose vital work as a member of the ground crew enabled others to take to the air and defeat an evil enemy.

If only we could give all our brave veterans the same send-off.

Colonel (retired) Barry Clayton

Fieldfare Close

The reaction to the death of Harold Percival was quite something.
At first I thought he had taken part in the Dambusters’ “flights” but seemingly he was ground staff.

Though Mr Percival would know nothing about it, this was quite a gesture on the public’s part.

Though not quite in his age group, I will, like him, go to my Maker eventually, with no immediate family, but with my wartime 
 record – sent by a thoughtless Government to serve 2,000ft below ground and below the North Sea as a 
Bevin Boy. Yet I cannot see the mining community rallying round to give me a hearty “send off” although fortunately , as in Harold’s case, I’ll know nowt about it!

Neil Kendall

Stamford Avenue

South Shore

Sports stadium opposition

Why the objections?

Why is it that some of our councillors seem to be against a sports stadium being built alongside M55 motorway Juntion three?
The stadium would bring welcome resources to our community without endangering the infrastructure of our town unlike the new housing developments which seem inevitably to be coming our way and will doubtless have an effect on schools, doctors, drainage systems and pollution from extra traffic.
The proposed new stadium would attract the majority of its visitors along the M55 corridor keeping the bulk of the traffic away from the town centre without any so-called disruption.
Regarding the lack of customers this proposal may create, along the two main streets of Kirkham and Wesham on the last count of businesses from Kirkham market square area to the war memorial in Wesham there were five charity shops, eight hairdressers, and 16 café-takeaway establishments. 
The one new “trade” shop at the market square end of Kirkham seems to be doing extremely well in its first year of trading and perhaps the council could help to attract more of these businesses and leave the entrepreneurs to create jobs and wealth for our community.

John Appleton

Long Meadow


Headstone indignity

Forgotten graves?

In 1927 the graveyard at St John’s, Blackpool, was moved to Layton Cemetery in the name of progress.

At that time the headstones were stacked in a pile where they remain today.

After 80 plus years the monuments are deteriorating and will be lost.These people were the founders of the town and St John’s.

Among the names that were buried at St John’s Graveyard are Forshaw, Banks and Carter. I am a decendant of Esau Carter, who was the younger son of John and Alice Carter who moved from Thornton around 1795. Alice was a dress maker and John started a blacksmith shop, possibly the Raikes Smithy. Esau was much more than the first postman in Blackpool’s history.

Now their monuments are in a pile and I have even offered to move them myself, having tried to contact the town hall and the bereavement manager with no positive reply.

I understand why nothing was done with the monuments in 1927 with the start of the depression and then the Second World War, but Blackpool has had many projects completed at St John’s Square.
I think the graveyard should have been reconstructed over the mass grave.

John Carter
Miami, Florida

Big thanks and the big one

Help for the carers

I wish to thank all your readers who supported young carers by giving generously to John Baker, a team member from The Co-operative store at Whaley Bridge, High Peaks, Derbyshire who climbed The Big One rollercoaster and raised £650.
The money will help us make life-changing differences to thousands of 14 to 25-year-olds who have unpaid practical and emotional caring responsibilities for a family member or friend who cannot cope without their support.

Dante Harke

North West Carers’ Trust

Consider our pensioners

Cannot afford bills

Where does the Government find the money for the 
Philippines when supposedly we have none?
A tabloid newspaper says we should all text £1 to help and while I’m deeply sorry for that country’s plight, our pensioners yet again this Christmas will be scared to turn heating on because they cannot afford it.

Let’s look after our own.

Nigel Morris

Grange Park